About the webinar

Lead conversion has become the number 1 challenge for brands, across industries. This is despite the fact - 50% or more of marketing budget is spent on lead generation and expected to increase in the coming year.

However, 10 simplified Sitecore 9 Form features will help convert anonymous users, to contacts, to lifelong loyal customers!

In this Webinar, we’ll give you a conversion boost by reviewing what the top 10% of websites are doing differently.

Why you should attend

  • Learn how you can increase your total conversion by up to 3000%
  • Know the importance of forms and personalizing them to achieve better results
  • Discover the means to get to the top 10% of converting websites for your industry
  • Realize what’s right for your brand with Sitecore 9 Form features

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The Revenue Engine

Optimize Your MarTech Investments to Drive Sustainable and Lasting Revenue!

  • Drive More Leads
  • Improve Lead Quality
  • Surface Deep Customer Insight
  • Deliver Personalized Experiences

The Presenter

Jaina Baumgartner

Sitecore Digital Strategist and Architect | Director, Technical Architecture - Altudo

Jaina is a highly experienced Sitecore Solution Architect with a very strong understanding of Sitecore bests. She has led 30 person teams, and actively manages Sitecore customers in terms of marketing outcomes including full XM (Sitecore Experience Capabilities), CRM integration, Path Analyze, etc.

What we do

We are a customer experience company. We create and deliver personalized experiences to engage customers in a one to one (1:1) manner at every touchpoint to improve customer experience and drive revenue. We help marketers to improve their customer engagement and experience, with:

Revenue Engine

Altudo’s Revenue Engine brings together digital technologies to create single customer profiles, helps predict buyer behaviour and enables marketers to drive revenue.

Sitecore implementation

We deliver a Sitecore project almost every 2 weeks and with a run rate of more than 15 every year, your Sitecore implementation will be in trusted hands at Altudo.

Customer experience strategy

We help define experiences by mapping customer expectations and behaviour with a brands’ actions that can engage, nurture and service customers across digital channels.

Experience Design

We create cohesive and award winning creative experiences that are based upon sound CX strategy and leverage core brand attributes.

Marketing Automation

Our expertise in marketing automation has enabled our clients to derive real ROI from their investments and truly engage well with their end customers.

Mobile and Progressive Web apps

We specialize in creating native and hybrid mobile apps using a variety of dev stacks. We also deliver progressive web apps for both Android and iOS device consumption.

Why Us

Deep Sitecore Expertise

Platinum Partners
6 MVPs, 400+ projects

Trusted by Top Brands

45+ Fortune 500 Brands served

Recognised by the Experts

10+ Awards Worldwide

Mar-tech Ecosystem

20+ Partnerships to help you scale

2000+ projects delivered

Across 7 Global locations

Extensive Experience

20+ SMEs across 7 industries