The Ultimate Drupal SEO Guide

Research suggests that over 70% of search engine users are more inclined to click on the top 5 suggestions on the search engine results page. To capitalize on this and get visits or consumers to your online store, your website must appear in one of the top rankings. As a result, optimizing your site using SEO best practices, PWA, and other enhancers is incredibly beneficial in ensuring that your website receives more traffic.

When thinking about SEO best practices, it is often easy to overlook the role your content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform (DXP) has in the process. But remember, the platform you choose is the bedrock of your SEO capabilities. It’s SEO modules define what you can and cannot do, search engine optimization wise. And changing this capability later is not an easy or cost-effective endeavor.

Here’s a whitepaper that covers everything you need to know about SEO in the Drupal ecosystem. It talks about -

  • What is SEO & Why is it Important?
  • What exactly is Drupal SEO Tool?
  • Who is the tool for?
  • What Drupal SEO modules presents?
  • List of Drupal SEO-friendly modules
  • Find the Drupal SEO help you need
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