Winning D2C Strategies In The Times Of COVID

The COVID-19 crisis is defining the new normal. Consumer needs and buying behavior have changed drastically- throwing the best-laid plans out of gear. It is time, brands adapt to the new normal, the new expectations of consumer experience and the new rules of engagement.

So, what are the strategies that will help brands tide over this crisis? How deep is the COVID impact on the industry? What are the customer expectations from brands, and what are the insights and strategies that will lead to success?

Thursday, 11 June | 2 PM IST | 1 Hour

Join us for a 1-hour virtual summit ‘Winning D2C Strategies In The Times Of COVID' - with keynote sessions by our panelists:

Kapil Makhija- CEO, Unicommerce | Akshay Ghulati- Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Shiprocket | Amit Thapliyal- VP Marketing, Altudo | Sandeep Singh- Commerce Lead, Altudo


  • COVID-19 impact on Digital Commerce & D2C
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COVID-19 impact on Digital Commerce & D2C

  • Key strategies for brands to succeed
  • Digital commerce: Business models, roadmap
  • Direct to consumers: What’s the need, how to begin in 15 days, Critical success factors 
Sandeep Singh

Session Panelist: Sandeep Singh
Commerce Practice Lead, Altudo

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How to Achieve Successful D2C Transition

  • Ecosystem changes are necessitating the D2C transition (led by changing consumer preferences, new age competition etc.)
  • Three key facets of a successful D2C transition/transformation - TOP (Technology, Operations, Processes)
  • Symphony, not Cacophony – How to align different aspects for a harmonious D2C implementation (Branding, production, packaging, supply chain, support etc.)

Session Panelist: Kapil Makhija
CEO, Unicommerce

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Challenges Related to D2C

  • Discussion on top 5 challenges related to D2C success and finding ways to overcome them

Session Panelist: Akhsay Gulati
Co-founder and CBO, Shiprocket

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Panel discussion

  • During this, we will discuss how we can minimize the impact on our business and what best practices to follow for this.
  • Question and Answer session


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Kapil Makhija

CEO, Unicommerce

Kapil is a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience across technology, e-commerce, and supply chain. He has been leading Unicommerce for the past three years and has successfully created it as India’s biggest Inventory and warehouse management Software Company, processing over 20% e-commerce volume. His vision is to make Unicommerce a global leader in the supply chain automation industry by providing a robust and simplified solution.

Akshay Ghulati

Co-founder and CBO, Shiprocket

Akshay Ghulati is the Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Shiprocket, a leading tech-enabled e-commerce fulfilment platform in India. Akshay is responsible for managing the overall revenue functions of the business, including marketing, account management and customer service. His key responsibility is to make Shiprocket the most trusted logistics and fulfilment platform for e-commerce sellers.

Amit Thapliyal

Amit Thapliyal

VP - Marketing, Altudo | MVP - Strategy, Sitecore

Amit leads the brand restructuring & revamp at Altudo. He helps Altudo create 1:1 personalized experiences & curated engagement analytics- that drive revenue for their clients. He has over a decade of expertise in enabling Digital Transformations, Brand Management, Product/SaaS Marketing, and set up Demand Gen engines, Go-to-Market strategies - across various industries.

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh

Commerce Practice Lead

Sandeep has over 21 years of experience in consulting, pre-sales, solutions and service delivery. He had been leading Commerce engagements for Fortune 500 clients with deep expertise in multiple platforms & integrations.


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