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Why Migrate Drupal Website to Acquia Cloud?

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Over 1.7 million websites around the world use Drupal for web content management. These includes names such as BBC, NBC, MTV UK, Amnesty International, and University of Oxford. Of these, ~66% are still on Drupal 7, even though it dates back to 2011. And there are thousands more on Drupal 8.

While Drupal 9 and a combination with Acquia Cloud offer digital experience management capabilities that businesses today need to remain competitive in the market. With our webinar, understand how the combination of Drupal and Acquia Cloud can help you build innovative digital experiences that drive better customer experience and engagement.

Here’s some of what we have covered:

  • How to use Acquia Site Studio to empower marketers with low-code solutions
  • How Acquia Site Factory and Acquia Cloud IDEs can simplify and speed up development
  • How to get the scalability and security you need with Acquia Cloud Platform
  • How Acquia Migrate Accelerate speeds up migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9


Karthik Kumar

Technical Drupal Architect at Altudo

Karthik has 13+ years of experience developing web applications / solutions using Drupal CMS. Developed web solutions for domains like Marketing, E-commerce, Education, Health, Sports and Telecom. He has vast experience integrating third party services with Drupal CMS and developing API's. He has also contributed patches and modules to the Drupal community.

Ankit Sethi

Kara Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Acquia

Kara Hall is a Product Marketing Manager with a focus on Acquia Cloud Platform and all things Drupal migration. She works with messaging around Acquia Drupal Cloud to help with product messaging and sales enablement. In her free time she can be found chasing after her Goldendoodle, Oliver.

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