Sitecore 9.1 has taken the center-stage of discussions since its launch in November 2018. For a Sitecore user, it is just a matter of time to make the decision to upgrade to Sitecore. The sooner - the better.

With an array of new features such as a brand new Sitecore Experience Accelerator toolset and machine learning capability - Sitecore 9.1 is what most of our customers are upgrading to.

Join us to learn why you should upgrade to Sitecore 9.1 & how you can do it - the most efficient way!

Watch the video to learn:

  • What is new with Sitecore 9.1?
  • What are the business cases to upgrade?
  • What are the different ways to upgrade?
  • The Do’s and Don’ts to be followed during an upgrade
  • Tools needed to automate Sitecore upgrade


Jaina Baumgartner

Jaina Baumgartner

Sitecore Digital Strategist and Architect | Director, Technical Architecture - Altudo

Jaina is a highly experienced Sitecore Solution Architect with a very strong understanding of Sitecore bests. She has led 30 person teams, and actively manages Sitecore customers in terms of marketing outcomes including full XM (Sitecore Experience Capabilities), CRM integration, Path Analyze, etc.

Akhil Mittal

Akhil Mittal

VP, Digital Solutions - Altudo

A marketing technology enthusiast with multi-functional experience across marketing, digital, analytics, and cloud. Akhil has over a decade long experience working with Fortune 500 companies to startups. He has helped marketers across four continents and multiple industries including financial services, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, and e-commerce. He has been a thought leader within multiple digital innovation forums.
Akhil specializes in helping marketers leverage better potential of their investment in Sitecore and other MarTech stack.