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Transforming Healthcare Business into a Consumer Experience Business


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About the webinar

We live in an experience economy where customer experience (CX) needs to be orchestrated through calculated marketing efforts. As the experience economy grows with consumers' digital evolution, healthcare providers, as well as payers, are increasingly being compared to the new-age consumer product like experiences like Amazon and Uber.

With the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, it has become imperative for healthcare providers & payers to adopt CX transformation to not only exceed consumer expectations but also improve the experience, optimize engagement & drive loyalty.

Watch our webinar as we dig deeper into the mindset of the new digital customer, and how the shift from a volume to a value-based system and the growing importance of personalization driven CX are shaping the healthcare industry.


Transforming Healthcare business into a Consumer Experience business

  • Healthcare marketing, winning strategies for a post COVID world
  • Designing an agile and innovative user experience
  • Personalization strategy to optimize CX & engagement
  • Consumer journey and driving consumers to the next logical outcomes

What's More

To all our webinar attendees, we are offering a no-obligation virtual Customer Experience workshop conducted by our CX & Digital Strategy experts. They will discuss:

  • Digital Insights on your brand and healthcare industry
  • Impact of COVID on CX and consumer behavior trends
  • Customer Journeys and the new engagement metrics
  • Personalization strategy to optimize CX & engagement



Daniel Royer

Digital Experience Director at SelectHealth

Daniel is a seasoned marketing and customer experience leader, passionate about using consumer-centric methods to drive digital growth and engagement. With a focus on blending offline channels with simple, yet delightful digital experiences, Daniel has developed a proven track record of building strategies and tools that recruit and retain customers for some of the most innovative companies in the U.S.

Akhil Mittal

Akhil Mittal

VP - Digital Solutions

A marketing technology enthusiast with multi-functional experience across marketing, digital, analytics, and cloud. Akhil has over a decade long experience working with Fortune 500 companies to startups. He has been a thought leader within multiple digital innovation forums. Akhil specializes in helping marketers leverage better potential of their investment in MarTech stack.

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