Consider the following facts:

By 2020, Customer Experience (CX) will be the key brand differentiator, overtaking price and product. (Source: Walker)

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a brand’s profitability by 75%. (Source: Bain)

The sureshot path to better CX:

Customer Journey Map is one of the best tools to understand your business from your customer’s perspective, to enhance CX.

Why Customer Journey Maps?

Key takeaways from the polls conducted in our recently concluded webinar - Top Customer Journey Mapping Metrics that Matter in 2019:

Do you create Customer Profiles & Customer Journey Maps as a part of your marketing?

Do you have a CX strategy with an allocated budget?

  • - More than 70% respondents are yet to have a CX Strategy with an Allocated Budget.
  • - Over 50% respondents said that they are yet to create or need help in creating Customer Profiles & Customer Journey Maps as a part of marketing.

Therefore, there is a need for greater inclusion of implementing Customer Journey Maps, to foster CX and increased revenue. Altudo can help you reach this goal. Already over 70% respondents have signed up for a No-Obligation consultation/workshop with our panelists.

The Presenters

Sean Van

Sean Van Tyne

Advisory Board Member, Customer Experience - Thinking Engines Inc.

Sean is a thought leader and an advisor for leading brands. He is also the author of Easy to Use 2.0, co-author of The Customer Experience Revolution, and contributing author of The Prod Mgmnt BOK. He helps companies ensure that every employee knows what their brand means and are empowered to deliver it and measure it constantly – so brands can pivot quickly and succeed faster.

Akhil Mittal

Akhil Mittal

VP, Digital Solutions - Altudo

Akhil has been an advisor to many leading banks, alternative lending companies, insurance companies, asset/wealth management companies and fin-tech companies, helping them choose the right technology in-line with their business KPIs.

Amit Thapliyal

Amit Thapliyal

Global Marketing Director, Altudo

Amit is leading brand restructuring & revamp at Altudo. He helps Altudo create 1:1 personalized experiences & curated engagement analytics- that drive revenue for their clients. He has over a decade of expertise in enabling Digital Transformations, Brand Management, Product/SaaS Marketing, setting up high performance Demand Gen engines, Go-to-Market strategies - across various industries.