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Reshaping the Future of Consumer Goods Industry by Achieving Consumer Intimacy


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About the webinar

81% marketers view customer satisfaction as the main competition area in the industry. Moreover, living up to customer expectations has become mandatory for CPG companies in the post pandemic world. Consumer intimacy plays a key role in defining the success of a company as it determines how attentively it addresses the customer needs, fulfil those needs and foster a customer-driven revenue growth. 

How much do you know about your customers? How do you ensure that the customers are satisfied with your services? Asking these questions often to yourself and identifying the best possible solutions need impactful decisions, knowledge about the market and expert advice along with the best use of technology. 

How to achieve Consumer Intimacy? CPG companies often get this question with the changing consumer behaviour and considering the fact that many are still exploring the digital world for CPG growth. In this webinar, our experts talk about everything a CPG company should know about customer intimacy and how to prioritize it for good.

Here’s some of what we have covered:

  • What is Consumer Intimacy?
  • Various Impactful Industry Trends
  • ROI of Consumer Intimacy
    • Case Studies
    • Consumer Intimacy across User Journey
  • Successfully achieving Consumer Intimacy
  • Altudo’s Solution to CPG Businesses


Radoj Glisik

SVP - Digital Strategy & Design

Radoj is a battle-tested CX, branding, marketing, and content strategy executive. He has delivered significant results in market research, new market entry, digital product strategy, information architecture, advertising, operational and process design, customer experience, and user testing.

Ashish Kapoor

Director Technology Solutions

A visionary leader and multi-skilled Digital Transformation Architect with over 16+ years of experience having ability to handle complex multi-geography projects and establishing business optimization across diverse industries like Insurance, Sports, Retail, CRM, Travel & Hospitality etc.

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