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Personalization to Fast-track Conversions : Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Essentials


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In today’s digitally-driven world, the new customer is in command of how, where, and when they engage with your business. 76% of them expect brands to understand their needs and expectations, making personalized experiences more critical than ever.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s 360 view of the customer and source of data, personalization becomes the centre of the multi-channel digital experiences. You can start to deliver experiences that customers find engaging and connect better with your brand. You can also understand what customers to prioritize and focus upon, since not all leads are equal.

Majority of marketing and sales teams struggle to make the most out of every lead that comes in. Effective and efficient usage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it possible!

In this webinar, we have discussed :

  • Why Personalization is Important ?
  • Single View of the Customers & 1:1 Personalized Experience
  • Omnichannel Marketing and Lead Nurturing


Gaurav Rehani

Head, CRM | Altudo

Gaurav has 20 years of Business Excellence driven experience in CRM Strategy and Consulting and rollout of applications across vertical with focus on Salesforce.com. Delivered long term salesforce.com engagements for clients across US, Europe and APAC working with multiple Fortune 500 brands.

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