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1-1 Personalisation using Azure ML and Sitecore: A step towards better user experience


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Marketers are empowered with the ability to understand user behavior and predict relevant content for key personas, and still, even with the most advanced toolset, it is easy to miss the mark with personalized content for website visitors. With the investment that Sitecore requires to deliver, personalization, this missed opportunity is also resources (and budget) wasted.

Bringing machine learning into 1-1 personalization will address this challenge and helps companies to deliver the most relevant content to the customer and increase engagement on the site.

In this webinar, we will be using xDB data as well as the items content to personalize and Azure Machine Learning Studio – GUI based integrated development environment for performing different machine learning operations. Machine learning algorithms, as well as Natural Language processing, will be used to study the patterns of user behavior and develop ML models for prediction purpose.

This webinar will cover: 

  • Personalization and its need
  • Need for ML based personalization
  • Demo: How to achieve hyper-personalization across touch-points using machine learning
  • How Altudo helps building personalized experiences using machine learning


Ashish Kapoor

Director Technology Solutions

A visionary leader and multi-skilled Digital Transformation Architect with over 16+ years of experience having ability to handle complex multi-geography projects and establishing business optimization across diverse industries like Insurance, Sports, Retail, CRM, Travel & Hospitality etc.

Jagmeet Kaur

Jagmeet Kaur

Senior Associate

A motivated and inquisitive machine learning practitioner and sitecore developer with Sitecore 8.2 and Sitecore 9.0 certification. A post graduate in Computer Science with specialization in Machine Learning and hands on experience of several Machine Learning projects She was speaker at Sugcon, 2019 held at Bangalore. She earned feather in her cap by winning Stock marketing Numerai Machine Learning Competition thrice and by contributing as resource person in Machine Learning and Optimization techniques workshop twice.

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  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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