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OneWeb – A Unified Web Experience using Drupal / Acquia


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88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. One of the reasons multi-brand companies get this feedback from online users is due to the challenge in managing multiple websites. This usually occurs as the websites are developed in multiple technologies or different versions of Drupal. 

Altudo’s approach towards delivering exceptional customer experience offers a solution for managing multiple websites. With OneWeb, Altudo fulfils the special needs of companies to address brand consistency, speed to market new micro-sites, maintaining compliance and security of content. With our webinar, understand what OneWeb is and how it can benefit in creating a better customer experience.

Here’s some of what we have covered:

  • What are the challenges in managing multiple websites and how does OneWeb help in overcoming them? 
  • How we help you in addressing the challenges you are facing using OneWeb? 
  • What are the capabilities of Acquia Cloud products and Drupal in implementing OneWeb? 
  • How to create an engagement approach and achieve unified web experience for clients? 


Mandar Bhagwat

Vice President- Drupal Practice | Altudo

20+ Years of experience in open source technology implementation across verticals. 15+ years in CMS specialized in Drupal. Experience across US, UK, Europe and Middle East, Healthcare, BFSI, Gaming, Retail, Education.

Nishtha Pradhan

Drupal Developer | Altudo

Nishtha Pradhan is a Drupal Developer who is experienced in development of Drupal and Site Studio based web applications and solutions. She works with Acquia Cloud service based applications covering various industry standard integrations including SEO, Accessibility and CRM. She has undertaken multiple Drupal 9 upgrade projects within the domains like Real Estate, Non-profit and Education.

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