Don’t count the people you reach...Reach the people who count-David Ogilvy

A recent study states - ABM strategy is among the top 3 (64% of B2B Tech Marketers) planned adoption trends for 2019 in B2B Tech Marketing.

Top ABM outcomes: 

  • Increased Average Contract Value, Increased Sales Velocity, and Higher Close Percentage
  • Silo buster: Tight-fit Marketing and Sales alignment,
  • Deliver a better customer experience, it’s about them, not you
  • Optimum use of Marketing Resources, Faster ROI, higher quality leads
  • Better relationships through Contextual, Personalized communications
  • Enhanced tracking of metrics + better alignment of marketing and sales

85%of ABM practitioners say that ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments - and 50% of those say it is significant.

(Source: ITSMA)

Watch this webinar to

  • Bring your A game with ABM and drive more revenue
  • Identify customer segments & Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
  • How to create Tailor made programs for best-fit customers
  • 6 Steps to ABM Success
  • Learn how your MarTech stack plays an important role
  • Discover why ABM Fails? -Pitfalls & Challenges


Sean Van Tyne

Sean Van Tyne

Advisory Board Member, Customer Experience - Thinking Engines Inc.

Sean is a thought leader and an advisor for leading brands. He is also the author of Easy to Use 2.0, co-author of The Customer Experience Revolution, and contributing author of The Prod Mgmnt BOK. He helps companies ensure that every employee knows what their brand means and are empowered to deliver it and measure it constantly – so brands can pivot quickly and succeed faster.

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

MVP-Sitecore | VP-Client Engagement, Altudo

A skilled, results driven sales professional with over 20 years of sales experience, Michael has over 7 years of experience with Sitecore. He has a track record for consistently exceeding multi-million dollar sales quotas with year over year growth. With today's data solutions, any firm should be able to know who their prospects are, who they work for and what they need by the time they connect with you, states Michael.

Amit Thapliyal

Amit Thapliyal

Global Marketing Director, Altudo

Amit is leading brand restructuring & revamp at Altudo. He helps Altudo create 1:1 personalized experiences & curated engagement analytics- that drive revenue for their clients. He has over a decade of expertise in enabling Digital Transformations, Brand Management, Product/SaaS Marketing, setting up high performance Demand Gen engines, Go-to-Market strategies - across various industries.