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Drive revenue and business results with a clear path to personalization


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Consumer expectations today reflect the Omnichannel world they live in. They expect to be able to engage with you on whatever channel they want, whenever they want. If that wasn’t difficult enough, they expect you to remember who they are and personalize their buying experience accordingly.

And if you don’t do it, you can bet your competitors will.

Most marketers struggle to remove friction, improve engagement & get their personalization strategy right. They are constantly overwhelmed with possible personalization combinations & how to create seamless experiences across channels.

Watch this webinar as we showcase how brands can create a clear path to personalization to drive revenue.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Why personalization is important for brands?
  • A step-by-step process to implement personalization on your website
  • Personalization Maturity Model
  • The role of AI in personalization
  • Example – How to apply personalization for revenue outcomes.


Rahul Khosla

CEO, Altudo

Rahul’s focus is on driving digital innovation for some of the most well-known brands. He has spent over a decade in helping organizations get more value from the digital medium. He believes that digital innovation occurs when organizations look at business problems with three lenses – Marketing Strategy, Experience Design, and Technology.

Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta

MD - Isango

Business leader with 20+ years experience. Managing Director with isango! - an online e-commerce global travel company. Passionate about data, customers, biz-tech scalable solutions. Has worked with travel, retail, education, financial businesses.

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