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Road to DTC Success in the Times of COVID


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About the webinar

The CPG industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years. While Omnichannel delivery, subscription models & personalization have become the norm, the COVID-19 impact has redefined a new normal by changing the consumer needs, and their buying behaviour.

Customer Experience (CX) is the biggest differentiator for brands today, and brands are struggling to come to terms with the new consumer expectations.


  • Consumer behaviour insights - COVID impact on CPG brands
  • All you need to know about the Direct-to-Consumer model - Why and How
  • Building blocks of a successful DTC strategy
  • How to get your DTC basics right: Fulfillment, Staffing, Analytics, Omnichannel asset management, and eCommerce platform selection
  • Choosing the right partner for you DTC go-to-market


What's More

To all our webinar attendees, we are offering a no-obligation virtual DTC Digital Commerce strategy workshop conducted by our Commerce & Digital Strategy experts. They will discuss:

  • Digital Insights on your brand and industry vertical
  • Customer Journeys and area of opportunities
  • Customer Intimacy and the new engagement metrics
  • Digital Commerce Strategy & Roadmap



Neil Wilczek

CEO, Ecommerce Hacker

Neil has been promoting DTC eCommerce since he entered the industry 13 years ago. He has mastered optimization of established digital channels, but prefers to challenge the status quo to unlock, or hack, the most explosive eCommerce growth. Neil has 13 years of success building Ecommerce teams and business units to drive record-setting online revenue for multiple Fortune 500 companies.


Varun Kashiv

Director, Customer Experience at Altudo

Seasoned Digital Marketer, AI evangelist and Speaker with 12+ years working with various Fortune 500 brands across various industry verticals including Banking, CPG, Asset Management, Hi-Tech and Retail on their digital strategy initiatives. Varun uses his experience in AI, Machine Learning, Omni-Channel Customer Experience and Conversational UI to help organizations provided unparalleled engaging experiences to their customers.
Varun is based in New York

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  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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