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CX Transformation Series: Drive Revenue through CX

" You’ve got to start with Customer Experience and work back towards the technology - not the other way around " - Steve Jobs

Customer experience drives revenue, and brands today compete on CX as their biggest differentiator.

Join our experts as we define Customer Centricity, decode successful CX Strategies that drive revenue & discuss how to leverage your tech stack for a seamless omnichannel experience.

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Path to customer intimacy

We are in the experience economy – where success is all about creating intimate, human connections.

Customers today are bombarded with brand messaging & enjoy an abundant choice of channels & products. This necessitates marketers to seek customer experience as a differentiator & to do that- it all begins with an understanding of the customers, create a path to customer intimacy & mapping out their experiences.

Join us on our webinar as we talk about how to position customers at the center of your business & how to create customer-centric strategies to convert seamless CX to improved revenue streams.

In this webinar we have discussed:

  • Why is CX important and why is customer intimacy important
  • Path to customer intimacy
  • Customer Journey mapping 101
  • Voice Of Customers- Approaches, best practices, measurement techniques
  • How to create a Single View of Customers

Speaker : Ankit Sethi, SVP - Client Engagement, Altudo

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Engage your customer to drive business value

Consumer expectations today reflect the Omnichannel world they live in.

They expect to be able to engage with you on whatever channel they want, whenever they want. If that wasn’t difficult enough, they expect you to remember who they are and personalize their buying experience accordingly.

And if you don’t do it, you can bet your competitors will.

Most marketers struggle to remove friction, improve engagement & get their personalization strategy right. They are constantly overwhelmed with possible personalization combinations & how to create seamless experiences across channels.

Join us on our webinar as we talk about how brands can create a clear path to personalization, leverage data for customer engagement & cross channel 1:1 campaigns.

In this webinar we have discussed:

  • Personalization and 1:1 Cross channel marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • Data-driven experiences
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Activate data-driven marketing through data platforms

Speaker : Rahul Khosla, CEO, Altudo

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CX Tech Strategy: How It Powers Digital Transformations & Drives Business Outcomes

Brands today compete on CX and are trying to transform into Digital-first organizations. Successful Digital Transformations are driven by the trifecta of CX Strategy, Technology & Processes.

But the BIG question is – How?
How to strategize, execute & operationalize CX as an integral part of your business strategy? How to define success metrics & outcomes? How to streamline digital operations to achieve these outcomes?

Join us on our webinar as we talk about how you can create a customer-first approach, define your CX strategy, leverage technology & operationalize your marketing for business outcomes

In this webinar we have discussed:

  • CX Tech Strategy 101: What, How
  • Creating Omnichannel Engagement & Personalized Marketing at scale
  • The Digital Factory model for Digital-First brands:
    • How it operationalizes your CX strategy
    • Optimizes Costs & streamlines Marketing Operations
    • How it transforms your operations that deliver digital products not just projects
    • How it helps governance & fosters an outcome-driven culture

Speaker : Varun Nehra, VP - Solutions Architecture, Altudo


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Rahul Khosla

CEO, Altudo

Rahul’s focus is on driving digital innovation for some of the most well-known brands. He has spent over a decade in helping organizations get more value from the digital medium. He believes that digital innovation occurs when organizations look at business problems with three lenses – Marketing Strategy, Experience Design, and Technology.

Varun Nehra

Varun Nehra

VP - Solutions Architecture

Varun's focus is to deliver digital transformation through robust, end-to-end digital marketing solutions that leverage strategic solution design & innovation. He is a seasoned enterprise solutions architect and a technology leader with 15+ years of industry experience . He is a subject matter expert in Sitecore and a thought leader in his domain.

Ankit Sethi

SVP - Client Engagement

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