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5 Questions to Ask When Considering Composable Commerce

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Composable Commerce is a modular approach to building an Ecommerce tech stack. Learn why it is an essential strategy for merchants to understand how the modular system enables the selection of best-in-breed solutions for each unique business that must assemble a customized Ecommerce tech stack. Composability allows the end merchant to control their user journey and continue to future-proof their tech stack. Composable Commerce enables a merchant to have complete control.

Per Gartner: "Using the composable application approach, digital experiences are assembled as required, depending on the customer and touchpoint requirements, and delivery of an "ecommerce site" may be just one of these experience types."

Join our webinar to learn how BigCommerce deploys composable commerce by providing a core function in stack for Ecommerce channels.

BigCommerce and Altudo will explore 5 questions to ask when considering composable commerce in this webinar. We will also explore one brand's journey to composable commerce.

In this session, we have explored:

  • What is Composable Commerce, and why does it matter?
  • How does a Composable Commerce strategy future-proof your technology stack?
  • What to look for in a platform & how to assess vendors to start with Composable Commerce?
  • Can Composable Commerce offer benefits to your business, and when is the right time for you to start?
  • Should you be concerned with the work-in-progress nature of Composable Commerce?



David Christy

Solution Architect - Ecommerce, Altudo

Global Digital Commerce solutions leader, with 15+ years of experience with various B2B and B2C brands. He enables them to realize their commerce vision through defining digital strategy, change transformation, business/technical consulting, user experience, creative strategy/design, engineering, and technical expertise.


Kyle Capsalis

Strategic Partner Manager for Headless and PIMs, BigCommerce

Kyle helps lead & grow our Headless Commerce strategy along with technology partnerships at BC to better our Headless Ecosystem. Kyle is passionate about creating seamless commerce experiences from both a business and developer-centric perspective. With a background in selling Enterprise Headless Commerce solutions, he is an advocate for enabling the right merchants to benefit from going Headless with BigCommerce.

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