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Upgrade to Sitecore 9.1 Using this Handy Guide

Now that you are convinced about the immense potential of the latest version of Sitecore, and the kind of momentum it will generate to drive leads and revenue. In this eBook, we bring you a detailed, step-wise description of the entire process of upgrading to Sitecore 9.1

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Four Steps to Deliver Sales-Ready Leads using Web CMS

This eBook explores how lead generation and customer acquisition is propelled forward with the integration of these capabilities, within a CMS. The focus here is on 4 steps to deliver sales ready leads for your organization.

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Four Steps To Deliver
Sitecore CMS Best Practices

Sitecore CMS Best Practices Implementation Audit Guide

Since there is a need to optimize investments, we bring you a mini-guide that will help you achieve better end-user experience and top performance levels with your Sitecore CMS implementation.

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Sitecore CMS for Multi-site implementation

This eBook will give you a general overview of the reasons that compel leading organizations to consider opting for the Sitecore CMS platform for building and running multiple websites.

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Why Is Drupal

Why is Drupal an ideal open source CMS for an enterprise

The eBook talks about opportunities for organizations to build and strengthen their digital scalability through Drupal while enabling marketers with ever growing marketing capabilities.

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Case Studies

World leading brands that work with us to maximize their marketing ROI

For one of the largest law firms in the world - Altudo has been able to craft a brand overhaul, with a new and exemplary website on Sitecore that could position the firm as an industry leader. Read all about what we did for the $2 billion brand.

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The 7 Best Sitecore 9 Features and Their Capabilities

To enjoy Sitecore 9 and its features to their full potential, you need to be aware of their capabilities. You also need to identify the areas where you could expect these capabilities to make the maximum impact.

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Riding on Big Wins, Altudo becomes a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner

This announcement follows several recent big wins & successful projects that involved Altudo implementing Sitecore’s experience management platform, for top brands.


3 Ways Sitecore can Boost Contextual Marketing for your Brand

Sitecore says that the only way to deliver a personalized experience is by marketing in context of customer’s past and present history of interaction, with brands. This means Sitecore is quite serious about contextual marketing.

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