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The Advanced Personalization Handbook

The Advanced Personalization Handbook

We’ve heard for years about the need to better segment and target customers to deliver more relevant messages and content. In this guide, we’ll explain in detail what advanced personalization means and how it can create enormous value for your customers.

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1:1 Marketing Guide

Marketing hasn’t kept pace with the evolution of the customer. In this eBook, we talk about the path of 1:1 Marketing, and how it can improve customer experience, and increase revenue for brands.

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1 to 1 Marketing Guide



Why Personalization is the Best Tool to Drive Brand Advocacy

1:1 personalized experiences mean providing customers with the right content at the right – anywhere and everywhere!

Why Personalization

4 Personalization Levels for Brands to Ace Customer Maturity Ranking

The major reason marketers are not ready to implement personalization yet - they don’t know where to start, what to do and how to manage it. Read More...
Leveraging Personalization

Leveraging Personalization - Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore EXM

The digital marketplace is crowded – so crowded that it can overwhelm customers with hundreds of daily messages.

4 Personalization Levels For Brands

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