Benchmarking CX for Your Business

An Overview of Customer Experience Expectations and Opportunities Across Industries

In the past, product excellence, operational quality, and productivity were the only primary focus areas for businesses. However, with changing times and customer demands, customer experience (CX) has become critical for achieving long-term success.

In fact, 73% of customers point to a seamless customer experience as a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a product or service. Businesses that successfully implement a compelling CX strategy also achieve higher customer retention rates, reduce customer churn, and report increased revenue.

There’s no denying that having an effective CX strategy is crucial. But how do you develop the right strategy for your business? How do you understand the expectation in the market?

While some core factors remain the same regardless of the industry, some factors might vary according to the industry you’re operating in. Businesses also need to understand the current market scenario and customer expectations to choose and implement the right CX strategy.

With our ebook, we help businesses understand how they can benchmark CX for their industry. We also share some examples from market-leading brands like Kroger, Walmart, Wegmans, Amazon, Nike, Caterpillar, John Deere, American Express, and Robinhood, and how they are bringing stellar CX to their customers.

Here’s what all it covers:

  • Why CX is necessary for your business?
  • How CX has become the backbone of customer retention and business growth?
  • What CX expectations in your industry look like?
    • Retail & CPG
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
  • Driving CX with the right strategy for your business
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