Anatomy of the Digital B2B Buyer’s Journey for a Manufacturing Business
With digital disruption in all walks of life, expectations for customer experience are also changing for B2B buyers. They are spending 27% of their buying time doing independent research online. Further, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers can be expected to occur via digital channels by 2025.

COVID 19 also increased the usage of digital channels across the B2B purchase process. It is not just limited to the website or initiating the conversation. B2B buyers are starting to lean heavily on digital channels for product research, interactions with the sales representatives, and even purchase discussions within the company.

These pandemic induced patterns of B2B buyer behavior are likely here to stay. Close to nine in ten decision makers say that new commercial and go-to-market sales practices will be a fixture throughout 2021 and possibly beyond.

This makes the anatomy of the digital B2B buyer journey critical for any business in the manufacturing industry - they need to know where their buyers are finding products and researching, how they want to interact with the business, and which channels of information will nudge them towards purchase.

With this ebook, we chart some prominent B2B buyer trends and help businesses understand how they can keep up.

Here's what we cover :

  •   Why Digital Is Critical for B2B in and Beyond 2021?
  •   The 4 Stages of the Digital B2B Industrial Buyer’s Journey
  •   How B2B Industrial Businesses Can Leverage Each Stage of   the Buyer Journey
  •   Altudo Digital Experience Index
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