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Drive Revenue from MarTech Investments


Revenue Engine Model

Building and Implementing a Revenue Engine Model!

ROI is important and every marketing effort ought to be aligned on these lines. You can enjoy this framework in the form of a revenue engine – a methodology that helps you optimize your MarTech investments to drive real revenue.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Automation Platform Migration

The decision to make the switch to a different marketing platform can cause disruptions in business. We have compiled an A-Z guide to help marketers understand – what to expect during migration, the challenges, cost-benefit analysis, planning process, and many other questions.

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Marketing Automation Platform
Digital Demand Generation

Definitive Guide to Digital Demand Generation for Credit Unions

The eBook is an ideal read for those marketers working in Credit Unions who must balance their personalized services with online offerings as the customer landscape often changes and our society has now moved primarily digital..

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Best Practices for Marketing Automation in Insurance

In this eBook for the insurance industry, we demonstrate why marketing automation is rapidly becoming the new imperative for marketers who desire to improve customer and channel engagement and new customer acquisition.

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Marketing Automation Insurance


Case Studies

World leading brands that work with us to maximize their marketing ROI

For one of the top multinational law firms - learn how Altudo used search functionalities to increase - social traffic, mobile visitors, repeat visitors, and publication views.

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How Marketers can Leverage Machine Learning to Foster Revenue Growth

An increasing number of organizations are implementing ML in their marketing strategies, and are deriving great results. Here are 3 ways how marketers can leverage Machine Learning better to foster revenue growth.

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The Basics of Ensuring Correct Reporting in Marketing Automation Tools

A great deal of reports are available in Marketing Automation (MA) tools, but the larger questions are - which are reports we should focus on? Which reports will give data customized to your needs?

7 Easy Steps To Amplify

7 Easy Steps to Amplify Lead Conversions with Machine Learning

Machine Learning is segregating data and characteristic development – transforming raw characteristics into set of features that represent the gist of the data.

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