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Use Case

W.P.Carey was looking to create a new corporate website to optimize brand recognition, new business development, providing easy access of information to investors, and attract fresh talent.


The primary task at hand included setting up a fresh website for W. P. Carey, but some of the key challenges were to:

  • Position the brand as one of the largest diversified net lease REITs
  • Make interactive property data charts accessible to depict data on property details, across the globe – segmented by industry, country, volumes, etc.
  • Build the website from scratch and ensure that it is managed effectively in the future.
  • Set up alternate feature to gather email ids directly from Sitecore
  • Create strategic sitemap, content library, SEO, customizable templates, and portfolio listing & map

What We Did

We adopted multiple approaches to build the entire website and thereby, help W.P. Carey optimize brand recognition and new business development. Therefore, we developed the following:

  • Helix Framework We have used Helix framework to build the website and help to manage it effectively.


Once the new website was set up for W. P. Carey- Altudo was able to achieve the following broad outcomes:

Some of the major benefits from our engagement with Honeywell, include:

  • Help the brand be one of largest diversified net lease REITs with a history of delivering steady income and growth to investors
  • Now, financial advisors that engaged customers with marketing campaigns, are 3X more likely to sell a fund, and 60% more likely to sell another product in the future.
  • The email to website traffic has increased by 100%, while the unique click-through rates increased by 26%.
  • The new website has responsive designs and can be best viewed on all devices that includes desktop, mobile and tablet
  • An interactive map to showcase W.P. Carey properties across the globe and drill down feature to show properties within US, along with an interactive pie chart to outline the W.P. Carey portfolio details
  • Advance email feature by hiding the email id on website, yet user can reach out to respective person/group within W.P. Carey
  • Integration of third party to showcase real time stock information on homepage, along with showcasing financial information
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