Founded more than a century ago, the $2 billion brand has approximately 6,900 lawyers and professionals in more than 125 locations spanning 50 plus countries.

Use Case

Dentons needed a brand overhaul with a new and exemplary website that could position the firm as an industry leader. The task involved creation of an integrated website that increases customer engagement and effectively communicates the value proposition of the brand.


In 2013, a merger took place of SNR Denton, Salans, and Fraser Milner Casgrain – to form Dentons. Thereafter, the brand realized the immense potential of website traffic, and so the primary challenge was to build a highly engaging user-experience driven website.

  • Establish an integrated, new firm website, post multiple M&As in 2013
  • Create a robust and scalable content architecture to support content migration from legacy sources
  • To provide best in-class user experience and showcase a new, consolidated brand identity
  • Create and improve on reputation building amongst the user base by showcasing thought leadership, and thereby attract the brightest talent

What We Did

We at Altudo recommended Sitecore for Dentons’ requirement of a new, public facing website. The focus was not only to deliver a new website but also to create great customer experiences, along with excellent content management capabilities.

  • Designed & Implemented a Sitecore CMS platform for the global website.
  • Developed a multi-lingual, multi-regional website that supports business development and client engagement, across several continents.
  • Empowered the business support staff to easily create and publish content across digital channels
Imac Dentons


Once the new website was set up for Dentons - Altudo was able to achieve the following broad outcomes:

Results Dentons
  • Enabled business growth and helped to attract quality personnel with the digital platform
  • Optimized the firm's external find-ability and visibility
  • Enabled audience to quickly find and easily consume relevant content on the website
  • Seamless integration with the firm’s internal and external technology platforms
  • Provided personalized experiences that aligned content with contact needs
  • Enabled multi - channel online campaigns to encourage an ongoing dialogue with the firm’s target audience
  • Enabled social media to cultivate and maintain extend customer relationships and foster engagement
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