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One of the largest law firm - Weil is amongst the world's most profitable law brands, and has been consistently ranked as one of the most prestigious names.

Use Case

Website and App design & implementation: Weil needed a new website and an app for mobile devices that could aptly depict information on lawyers, along with industry news, blogs, features, etc.


Some of the major challenges involved were:

  • To integrate the MarTech stack across 5 product lines
  • Increase lead generation and scoring by combing sales and site data
  • Enhance and modernize existing MarTech investment
  • Enhance the UX for systems of engagement
  • Amplify and extend technology capabilities

What We Did

Apart from creating the website with all the features, internal IP tracking and geo-location also needed integration. Therefore, Altudo adopted multiple approaches to meet this objective:

  • Establish a cross-shore, agile development center
  • Designed & Implemented a Sitecore CMS platform for the global website - 5 languages, 2 countries
  • Standardized the responsive UX for all customer touchpoints on web and mobile
  • Designed a Content Management Strategy and content structure & workflow
  • Set up Personalized structure & workflow
Weil - Website Design and Implementation - Altudo


Some of the key achievements include:

Weil - Website Design and Implementation - Altudo

  • Established a single view of customer across the customer journey for marketing
  • Increased MQL by 30%
  • Future-proofed the MarTech stack
  • Enhanced Personalization and Analytics
American Express - Digital Strategy - Marketing Operations - Altudo

American Express

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Honeywell - Implementing Sitecore CMS - Altudo


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