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American Express

Founded in 1850, American Express is one of the top global financial services firm, and is Forbes' 23rd most valuable brand in the world.

Use Case

Digital Strategy & Marketing Operations: American Express wanted to upgrade their digital infrastructure to be more responsive to varied customer needs, deliver personalized experiences across channels, and derive customer insights.


Amex needed a strong partner to help them successfully develop and deploy dynamic content and marketing automation platforms, along with strategies and campaigns.

  • Maintain Amex's leadership position in a highly competitive financial services marketplace
  • Develop an elaborate roadmap to improve the digital presence and performance of the firm
  • Integrate massive amounts of customer data with present systems, to help the brand garner insights
  • Manage cross platform content migration for their global sites

What We Did

Altudo adopted multiple approaches to help American Express transform their digital technology strategy, which includes:

  • Client Referral Program - This was designed for sharing referral/reward emails via Eloqua, based on customer actions and transactions done in SFDC
  • Asset Management Program - This helped the firm pull data from SFDC regularly, based on parameters such as client record type, last transaction date, number of days since last transaction, etc.
  • Customer Preference Center - This was set up, to capture customer responses from multiple channels, by sending a series of emails. Thereafter, the entire database gets updated for further usage.
  • Sales Nurture Campaign - This campaign was designed for prospects that are nominated by the sales team, specifically prospects that are stuck in the opportunity stage in SFDC.
Imac Amex


Altudo executed multiple projects, in 4 continents across stakeholders, and thereby evolve the digital performance for American Express. Some of the key achievements are:

Results Amex
  • Delivered $1.9 billion in pipeline value
  • Another $1.3 billion cost savings was achieved
  • The Marketing Operations Center achieved 97.6 in SLA Adherence, and 99.8% in Uptime.
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