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Why Personalization is the Best Tool to Drive Brand Advocacy

Why Personalization Is The Best Tool

Statistics show that 98% of the customers disengage from brands when they don’t get a personalized experience. Moreover, 58% of customers have said that personalization is an important factor in determining purchase intention.

Truth be told - customers expect personalization to be present in all the businesses and channels they interact with. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify have established a gold standard in personalization. With the Netflix effect, consumers question that - if Netflix identifies anyone from transaction to transaction and follows their activity from the mobile app to the web, then why their personal bank can't do the same?

The present day personalization has moved much beyond using fancy automation software to address mails using an individual’s first name. Nowadays, 1:1 personalized experience means providing customers with the right content at the right – anywhere and everywhere!

In other words, personalization is no more an emerging fad, but is surely becoming a digital marketing discipline, as explained by some brands who have had big success using personalization.

Coca Cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign that started in 2015 with 250 common US names printed on cans, has increased the brand’s revenue by 7%, along with a 850% increase in its Facebook page traffic.

E-commerce giant Amazon has bagged 10-30% of additional revenue by implementing personalization strategies. We can just imagine how many hundreds of millions bucks a 10% rise in revenue, means for the volume Amazon operates on.

Netflix announced this month that they are going to personalize the artwork we see for films depending on individual browsing patterns! They are ready to pay 1 million dollars to anyone who can help them improve the algorithms.

The Advanced Personalization Handbook

Spotify has adopted a similar approach in the music industry.

However, a majority of organizations are yet to figure out - how to best use personalization to drive revenue. This is substantiated by a 2018 report from Econsultancy, which states that a mere 7% of organizations have placed personalization as their number one priority.

Personalization is increasingly becoming an expectation from customers, rather than just an add-on service. A SalesForce research points out that 62% consumers expect companies to send personalized offers or discounts based on items they’ve already purchased. While another Deloitte study says that people don’t just want personalized communication, but products and services that are also tailored to them.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos once remarked, “If we have 4.5 million customers we should not have one store, we should have 4.5 million stores.” This is perhaps the best statement made thus far, to elucidate the significance of personalized customer experiences in a hyper-connected world.

At Altudo (formerly edynamic), we help our clients deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization to grow revenue streams. Our personalization frameworks, demonstrated expertise in implementing marketing technology stack & deep expertise in orchestrating brand messaging - helps our clients provide award winning experiences.

Get started today with 1:1 personalization - Altudo can help your business reach greater heights!

Sathish Balakrishnan VP-Technology and Delivery

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