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Why marketers need a Self Service Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard

Self Service Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard

Marketers have started following a data-driven approach these days. But as marketers we most often find ourselves struggling to fetch out reports from multiple platforms like Google Analytics, CMS, Marketing Automation, Social Channels, ABM Platform, CRM etc.

At Altudo, we’re pretty excited most days to create top notch solutions for marketers, but we’re extra excited today to introduce our Self-Service Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard which will help marketers to gain an omnichannel view of their customer data across channels and campaigns.

Why you need an Omnichannel View?

  • Do you run campaigns on multiple marketing platforms or have presence across multiple channels?
  • Do you have different people in the team to own different marketing channels?
  • Do you wait for days to get simple data from multiple teams?
  • Do you spend hours compiling weekly/monthly reports from multiple marketing channels like MAP, CRM, Google Analytics, CMS etc?
  • Do you struggle to gain quick actionable insights from your campaigns while they’re in action?

There’s a very high chance you answered “Yes” to most of the questions above – To face these day to day challenges you need an Omnichannel view of your marketing channels.

How my friend Caroline struggled with customer data and how she overcome data latency

I recently met Caroline at an event – She’s a Digital Marketing Manager at a large professional services firm at NYC. We were discussing the day to day challenges modern marketers face and she told how she struggles and spend hours to gather granular data from across channels and consolidate it on a weekly basis. She spends 3 days each week to gather reports from multiple teams consolidate it in to a weekly report which further results in 15 slide powerpoint presentation.

Customer Journey Mapping - Blueprint for Modern Marketers

We created SODash

Altudo created fully customizable Self-service Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard templates which integrates with all your marketing platforms – Google Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, Account Based Marketing Platforms, Content Management Systems and Social Channels (see the complete list of Integrations) to create an omnichannel view of your customer data. These templates work on almost any Business Intelligence tool like Tealium, PowerBI, Clik etc.

With the help of SODash Caroline was able to:

  • Fetch Reports faster for analysis and planning
  • Orchestrate Martech  - No dependability on teams to fetch our channel specific reports
  • Reduce data latency to almost zero
  • Provide consistent data across teams with zero manual error
  • Accessibility of data on the go through web or mobile app

Check out more about Self Service Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard.

Do you want to have an Omnichannel View all your marketing efforts? If yes, do drop us a line at

Marketing Team Technical Lead | Altudo

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