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Why Getting Website Content and Navigation Right is Critical for Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is the latest missing component in the new normal. The notion that businesses win by selling value is not new. In many markets, what's changing is how customers define value. Customers used to estimate the worth of a product depending on some mix of cost and quality.

Customers nowadays, on the other hand, have a broader definition of value that encompasses ease of buying, after-sales support, dependability, and so on. One may think that to compete today, businesses would have to match all of these diverse customer demands. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To have a broader view of it let's look at a real-time example:

It really doesn't take a mountain of consumer data to prove that your loyal consumers are your rock. As a result, caring for them is more than just the correct thing to do. It's also beneficial to the company.

Consider Christina McMenemy, a regular Gaylord Opryland hotel guest who visited the resort three years in a row for the annual BlissDom conference.

Through every trip, Christina was captivated by another one of her hotel room's functionalities: an audible alarm that emitted light music (as in, the type you'd hear in a premium spa).

Christina was a big fan of clock radios. She'd never slept better than when she was using it.

Christina searched for the identical model clock in her hotel room for three years without success. When she contacted the company's Twitter page on her most recent trip to Opryland, she had almost lost all hope.

Christina McMenemy trip to Opryland

Christina McMenemy - Sharper clock radio

She went to the conference, resigned to her conference destiny, and let the alarm clock search go.

When she returned to her room, she was surprised to discover one, but 2 spa clocks and a note with her name engraved on it.

Opryland could see an opportunity to provide a consistent client with one of the finest experiences ever. And they didn't only acquire a client for life; they also earned a lot of gratitude from those at the conference (and beyond) who heard about the story.

This was just a small gesture by Opryland, but it meant a lot for its client (Christina), who experienced a lot of happiness and gratification.

Christina McMenemy gratification

When it comes to developing a website, good navigation is essential. Website navigation is used so that your visitors can explore the site without having to hunt for hidden treasure. It will make your visitors happy while they browse your site and return time after time.

Customer intimacy entails just beyond customer satisfaction. It extends past that point, and sustainability necessitates purchase at every level of a company.

How do you create customer intimacy without proximity?

C-suite leaders will have to spend better attention on their transformation program to develop customer intimacy, expand their use of technologies such as AI for hyper-personalization and forecasting, and experiment at mass while reacting to evolving customer desire.

Top reasons for missing out on Customer Intimacy:

1. Not marketing effectively

Marketing has evolved, and techniques that were effective in previous decades are now out of date and frequently costly. Tv and banner advertisements can run into the thousands and are unlikely to reach your target demographic!

Moreover, study your consumers to determine the most effective ways to contact them through your marketing activities. Collect consumer data to learn about their hobbies, where they spend their time online or offline, and perhaps other demographic details.

2. Not offering a Seamless Experience

Whether your offerings are so distinctive that they cannot be obtained anywhere else, you must be creative to differentiate your business from the competition. Customer service is one area you should consider working on, since the young generation of buyers, millennials, in particular, place great importance on customer experience.

The better and more convenient you make it for people to buy your products, hence more news will pass and new customers will flood in!

3. Not using personalized content

Generic content may be fatal to your business, and Google frowns on unethical techniques such as keyword stuffing. You will be caught and punished. Although content is king, not all copies are worthy of extra attention, and if you're hawking the same stale, uninspired, and messily written material as everyone else, you're doing yourself a disservice. Consider the three e's: entertainment, engagement, and education.

4. Disconnects between marketing and CX teams

According to the poll conducted by Pointillist, disconnects between marketing and customer experience teams have a detrimental influence on customer experience and business outcomes.

By adopting and advocating a journey-based strategy throughout the company, CX and marketing can raise customer-centricity beyond a term.

Aligning your company around your client and their demands will allow you to improve customer experiences in measurable ways. And in this manner, you'll see the return displayed in the CX metrics and business results tracked by your firm.

5. Not staying updated with industry trends

Industries such as technology, healthcare, and automobiles are constantly evolving. They move on another year and the next great thing is faster than you can bat an eye. Staying up with trends and developments is critical for staying ahead of the game whenever it comes to fixing future difficulties for your clients.

Understanding what to reasonably expect of business changes and challenges can benefit both you and your customers. They'll be surprised to learn that you've addressed their difficulty before they've even asked for it.

Follow these four steps to establish customer intimacy:

  • Empower your team members
  • Use data effectively.
  • Narrow your customer focus.
  • Explore outside partnerships.

Although a customer-centric organizational model can provide significant benefits, it is not without problems

It may be dangerous and expensive since it demands an entire business to buy into placing the customer experience ahead of the profit line. It can also be time-consuming and demand a significant amount of upfront effort due to the extensive data collecting, consumer research, and behavioral analysis required.

360 Degree Customer View to Deliver Better Customer Experience

A 360-degree customer perspective helps businesses to better understand and connect with consumers by understanding who they are and what they want. It serves as the sole source of personal information about your consumers. It enables you to examine prior behavior to better target and customize future client encounters.

A 360-degree customer view is achieved when you can:

  • Unify customer data across the internal platforms
  • Track each customer’s activities across channels
  • Seamlessly engage with each customer across touchpoints

All this might seem very dense and inflexible, but building an Intent driven website can do wonders.

Understanding the connection between search intent, keyword ranks, and organic traffic is critical to comprehending the value that SEO offers to your company.

Website navigation is the best example. If your company manufactures sports shoes, several search phrases will be useful to bring in visitors at each level of the funnel. Transactional and commercial keywords such as 'running shoes for sale' and 'exercise shoes for ladies' are excellent for attracting search traffic from individuals who are ready to purchase.

Here search intent enters the picture. We do not want to score for a lot of keywords; we want to rank for keywords that are both related to your business and fit the customer's intent.

Matching the user's purpose with a search result enhances the chance of somebody engaging on your SERP listing.

Simply stated, completing this manual examination of the SERP results will assist you in selecting terms that fit the consumers' search intent:

  • Determine the purpose of your page.
  • Conduct keyword research and compile a list of potential keywords.
  • Confirm your list manually by examining the SERP results.
  • Modify the target keyword list in light of SERP intent.

Personalize Or Perish

Customers generally consider personalization to be the default norm for engagement, from online to mobile to in-person encounters. According to a study by Forbes, 71% of customers want businesses to provide individualized encounters. And 76% are irritated when this does not occur.

It precisely implies utilizing audience and data analytics to satisfy a consumer's particular wants. Begin by utilizing your data to explain the specifics of who each of your consumers is, what their objective is at any given time, and where, when, and how they've previously connected with your business.


You can also apply customer intimacy ideas to consider how you might better serve "internal customers," such as coworkers, directors, leaders, and shareholders.

Developing a niche is an important component of consumer interaction, and reducing your emphasis, even more, may assist strengthen your customer intimacy strategy. The way Christina’s got overwhelmed by Gaylord Opryland hotel’s slight forts, this is clear that every little effort counts.

Are you looking for ideas to make your customers feel gigantic? Altudo is your stop-shop solution. We help you create your business and brand customer-centric and add extra value for your key audience and customers. You are just a click away from your amazing customer journey roadmap! Connect us now.

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