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What is Sitecore Path Analyzer – How it benefits marketers

What is Sitecore Path Analyzer

The Sitecore Path Analyzer (as the name suggests) is an application that allows you to create a map that tells you how contacts navigate through your website. You can easily track how contacts have interacted with your campaigns and triggered goals and outcomes.

You can create these maps to keep a track of the range of experience your contacts have on the website. That’s not all - you can also configure the Path Analyzer to track different kinds of visits to your website. For instance, if someone is a first-time visitor or has returned to your website. With this information, you can understand how different types of contacts engage with your website.

Another benefit of Path Analyzer is that it projects the paths that have most traffic or provide better engagement than others. You can then use this information to know the kind of content that performs better and in turn, improve client engagement.

Page Analyzer

As mentioned above, Path Analyzer comes in handy to know how contacts interact with your content on a large scale. When you want to learn about interactions on a smaller scale, you can use the Page Analyzer. This shows you the paths to and from specific pages on your website.

The Page Analyzer helps you to explore paths that lead to a page and also allows you to view individual contacts that have had this particular path experience.

In this way, with Path Analyzer, you can go from a very high-level path map view showing all paths, to a page-specific analysis view, down to an individual contact who had this path experience, and then reach his or her Experience Profile:

Analyzing different contact experiences:

The Path Analyzer enables you to map and view the experiences that your contacts have on your website. You can keep a track of the pages that your visitors stop by on their way to triggering specific goals or events. Besides, you can also configure paths that can identify traffic that’s coming from a range of channels or specific Sitecore campaigns. In short, the Path Analyzer tells you which paths are useful.

You can also map the types of interactions that contacts have with your website. As mentioned above, you can map experiences of first-time visitors and then create maps and compare it with those of returning visitors to see the difference. You can also create maps based on location, devices and other factors. This will help you gain insight and improve the user experience in the long run.

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