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Transforming Digital Experience of Pharmaceutical Companies with OneWeb using Drupal and Acquia

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Pharmaceutical companies usually work with multiple brands in their portfolio. Looking after multi-brand and multi-site management can be a hideous task and even a single mistake can lead to a huge loss of consumers. As these companies have a worldwide presence, they wish to have a global consolidation of all the digital properties so that they can repurpose and reuse them for all of their brands which would in turn reduce their time to market.

For them to grow and easily provide services to consumers, caregivers and health service providers across the globe, it needs the support of efficient and feature-rich platforms, technology and tools. Acquia and Drupal for healthcare and pharma helps in increasing productivity, streamlining processes and reducing complexities involved in managing multiple systems. It helps in creating an effective, unified and connected digital ecosystem. But how?

Pharma companies majorly find challenges in choosing a multisite management environment that runs smoothly. Along with this, they also face certain more challenges that can be solved by Acquia Cloud and Drupal features:

  • Existing ecosystem causes a longer time to market and high developer dependency on new addition and even small changes.
  • Poor architecture results in a lack of reusable features, higher developer dependency and larger turnaround time.
  • Few reusability features due to which features available to one country could not be replicated across other geographies. Hence, a new territory required making things from scratch which overall increased the Total Cost of Ownership.
  • IT centric architecture rather than customer centric, meaning there is limited cloning and localization, high maintenance effort and IT centric governance.
  • No dashboard options available to track performance.

Solving all these challenges needs a blend of solutions that can be together offered by Acquia and open source platform- Drupal. Altudo came up with the best way to help pharmaceutical brands with OneWeb- a great practice for multi-site Drupal implementations.

What is OneWeb?

OneWeb is a one-stop solution that allows streamlining digital operations with built-in self-service capabilities and a high degree of reusability with minimum dependency on the IT team. OneWeb helps in laying down the foundation of your business just like a house with required tools, platforms, and third-party technology integrations.

one web like building house

OneWeb is like a building a house

As the pharmaceutical industry demands lots of reusability, quick TAT and errorfree multi-site management, OneWeb offers Acquia Digital Experience Platform and Drupal Development for Pharma companies for efficient solutions.

Here is what OneWeb offers with Acquia Cloud and Drupal benefit for Pharma companies:

  • Component-based UX and UI design
  • Development approach (base component library, base theme, marketing feature support, reusability, etc.)
  • Pluggable and reusable themes
  • De-coupled architecture
  • Reusable components
  • Optional content authoring helpers (validations, batch workflow management, etc.)
  • Set of reusable component development
  • Centralized backlog management
  • Documentation for code and content updates & releases

The OneWeb framework is based on 8 key principles with Acquia Cloud and Drupal benefits for pharma companies that help in streamlined and hassle-free processes.

one web like building house

8 key tenets of OneWeb

At Altudo, our approach is to bring Drupal CMS and Acquia Drupal Cloud together to achieve OneWeb.

Drupal has a compatible design system that supports many features on top of multi-site architecture essential for pharma companies, such as:

  • Rich media - Drupal has long supported images and generic files with a generic Media field supporting local audio, video, images, and additional files.
  • Content workflows - The Workflows module allows you to define multiple workflows, show their states, and the transitions permitted between them. The Content Moderation module allows users to create content revisions that are not yet live but have received updates since the last version.
  • Universal layout grid with Bootstrap - Allows for content to be componentized and used in a flexible manner.
  • Multilingual Capabilities - Drupal now offers over 100 core languages.
  • In-place Editing and Blocks - Most page elements are displayed through blocks, including breadcrumbs, site name, and slogan. This makes it easy to adjust page organization in the user interface and enables in-place front end editing.
  • Color palette - Defined palette and instances allow for easy content styling.
  • Typography - Robust menu of sizes and weights takes the guesswork out of hierarchy.
  • Marketing Automation - Drupal contributes many marketing automation modules as open sources including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp, etc., to streamline your e-mail and social media campaigns, lead generation, and lead tracking, etc. for better customer engagement and conversion.

acquia drupal cloud for pharma

Acquia Drupal Cloud can help pharma industry in providing platform, architecture and scalability that is necessary to deliver engaging experiences to multi-brand customers across digital channels. Acquia Drupal Cloud is powered by Drupal. As the centralized web content management system, Acquia Drupal Cloud enables teams to develop digital applications for any device.

Acquia Drupal Cloud provides a configured and tuned modern, open-source platform. Acquia Cloud and Drupal benefits for the Pharma companies includes:

  • Faster delivery of digital experiences through integrated developer tools

    A single view of all your experiences – Acquia Cloud Site Factory makes it easy to manage your existing digital experiences and spin up new ones within a few minutes. All through a central dashboard.

    Streamlined updates and maintenance - Deploy experience updates once, across your portfolio of experiences eliminating IT's backlog and support costs.

    One click experience creation - Within minutes, clone an existing experience and use it as a template for a new experience(s).

  • Increase customer loyalty, acquisition and retention with consistent digital experiences
  • Flexible delivery of content across any channel or device
  • High-performing cloud scales to support huge traffic spikes
  • Ensure governance and brand consistency
  • Enable developers to create production-like development environments on-demand
  • Highly secure platform, compliant with the most stringent global standards

If you are still wondering how OneWeb offers Acquia Cloud and Drupal benefits for pharma companies and whether it can be beneficial for your business to offer satisfactory customer experience, we’re here to help you. Contact us for free OneWeb workshop to demonstrate Drupal and Acquia Cloud capabilities. Drop at Hi! at and our team will get in touch with you.

Mandar Bhagwat Vice President- Drupal Practice | Altudo

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