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Sitecore Support Matrix - If you are using Sitecore, this is a must read!

In case you have missed this - the latest Sitecore support matrix specifies that the mainstream support for Sitecore 8.0 and 8.1 is valid only till Dec 31st 2018. It is critical to keep upgrading at regular intervals but many a times we are unable to do so. The bigger issue is, the longer we wait, the harder it gets.

Sitecore upgrade is not as complex as many of us perceive so. Issues, errors, and even roll-backs, are often seen when either of the three elements below is missing. I call these the ABC of upgrade:

  1. Automated tool to execute the upgrade (manual upgrades are legacy!)
  2. Band of experienced architect and development team who have done upgrades multiple times (no one time success story can be trustworthy!)
  3. Clear and established methodology to execute the upgrade (a methodology that defines clear steps, helps identify risks at the right stage, and has clarity about alternative steps in case of issues)
Upgrade to Sitecore 9.1 Using this Handy Guide

My strong suggestion, don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Your website is an extremely critical asset for you. The way we trust doctor for our health issues, we need to trust experts when it comes to our digital assets.

Believe me, Sitecore upgrade can be a cake-walk!!

Applying our unique methodology and our upgrade tool, Altudo Auto vUpgrader, we upgraded their 13 sites in just 10 days.

As Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner We take away the risk of failure and rollbacks & ensure you work with an experienced team, with an established methodology and a tested tool that automates most of the process.

Akhil Mittal VP - Digital Solutions

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