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Sitecore Mobile SDK and Xamarin - Personalized mobile-ready web experiences

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Sitecore is a leading web content management system that helps thousands of companies to create 1:1 personalized web experience for their customers, and redefines how they interact with their audience on the web. Sitecore is a preferred choice for brands who have a focused marketing strategy as part of their plan and who want to offer personalized and contextual web experiences to their customers.

Brands are now experiencing a change in the buying behavior of their customers. Earlier, it used to be a proliferation of multiple digital touchpoints, mostly led by the web; now it is an omnichannel journey – all led by mobile. A recent study states that on an average 89% of the customers are retained by companies who have the strongest strategies for Omni-channel customer engagement. In a recent survey conducted by ComScore in the United States, it was revealed that more than 70% purchase decisions made by customers involved mobile as one of the engagement channels.

With this change in customer buying behavior, it is clear that brands need to greatly focus on including Mobile as part of their customer journey mapping. Observing this change, Sitecore enterprises are also gearing up to build Mobile apps.

In this blog, we will cover how enterprises with existing Sitecore implementation can create effective mobile experiences using Sitecore Mobile App solution.

Sitecore Mobile SDK and Xamarin
Sitecore has its own accelerators to build mobile applications. Sitecore Mobile SDK and Xamarin (a cross-platform mobile app development tool owned by Microsoft) are accelerators that enable developers to code once in C# and .NET and to build & deploy mobile apps across platforms like Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows in a streamlined manner.

What is Xamarin?
 is a Microsoft product, which comes with a complete ecosystem comprising of a development platform, cloud-based automation testing framework, reusable components, and app distribution and tracking capabilities.

To be specific, Xamarin enables Microsoft .NET developers to use C#, their preferred programming language to design the mobile interface from Creative Sitecore content and build the application functionality, which takes the content from Sitecore.

What is Sitecore Mobile SDK?
Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin is a framework that is designed to help developers produce Sitecore - managed native mobile apps that use and serve content from Sitecore. The framework allows developers to use their existing. NET development skillset to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

Here’s what the Sitecore Mobile SDK does:

  • Fetches CMS Content
  • Sources HTML renderings from the Sitecore CMS
  • Creates, deletes, updates items
  • Downloads and uploads media resources
  • Protects security sensitive data

As you build Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps, the solution enables you to manage a single code base, rather than three different ones. You can simply leverage your existing. Net team to build mobile applications instead of setting up a team of Android, Objective - C, and Swift developers.

This approach is also very useful when it comes to maintaining and updating codes.

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Create personalized experiences, across all touchpoints.

As delivering enriching customer experience on mobile is critical, Sitecore has a robust product roadmap for mobile applications.

While Sitecore remains the central hub for all your digital assets, including your website and mobile applications, the Sitecore mobile app solution sits on top of it and acts as a new front-end solution. Using this setup content, customer data and analytics can be shared seamlessly.

The content management function integrated with Sitecore allows you to separate the content from its presentation, so that your content can be delivered automatically across channels.

It enables you to come up with a single customer profile by allowing analytics to capture individual visitor data across all channels. This single customer profile can be further used to build truly contextualized and personalized experiences.

The solution enables you to map profiles and track real-time behavior with the decision - making capabilities on the spot, so that you can customize the experience across multiple touch points.


How Sitecore Mobile App solution works for customers?

Your customers access content across multiple channels, which also includes mobile apps. Sitecore Mobile App Solution tracks all the activities and captures insights from all the customer touchpoint channels in a single database. This further creates a single customer profile relevant for all the channels.

This is how it serves your customers with personalized content across channels based on your customers’ journey.

Furthermore, Sitecore Mobile App solution captures mobile information like geolocation or proximity, which can be used to add greater context to the customers’ experience.

Using Sitecore Mobile App solution, you can engage with your customers using mobile push notifications that can be personalized based on their location and activities assessed on previous channels. For example, the lady in the image below is interested in Footwear, and based on her location and proximity to a physical retail store, marketers can trigger her interest by sending personalized and contextualized promotional rewards and coupons through push notifications.

sitecore mobile apps

This is how using Sitecore Mobile App solution can be extended to customers on the move, unlike the previous experience, which was limited to the website.

To summarize the blog, here are the top advantages of the Sitecore Experience Platform and Mobile App solution:

·         Seamless integration with both the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and the Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM).

·         Acts as a single source of content for your website, mobile web, and mobile apps.

·         Manages your mobile application’s content, directly from within Sitecore.

·         Integrates marketing data and analytics, including Geo IP, with the Sitecore Experience Database. This provides a unified view of the customer across multiple channels. Also, it allows   sharing personalized, contextual content with customers in real time.

·         Develops cross-platform applications with a single code base for multiple platforms that facilitate quick time to market.

·         Provides you the base to write once and deploy ‘n’ number of times.

·         Offers automated testing facilities on the Xamarin test cloud.

·         Provides seamless app distribution, crash reporting, and feedback gathering ability through the Hockey app, which comes packaged with Xamarin.


Altudo in partnership with Sitecore is fully committed to enable brands across verticals to woo their customers across all channels by creating exceptional customer experiences with 1:1 personalized content.

Check out our capabilities to know more about how we enable brands to build Revenue Engine using Sitecore.

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