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What makes Sitecore Forms more powerful in Version 9.3?

Unlike the earlier versions where users published forms by exiting the module and then proceeding. However, with this new version, the forms can be editing within the module itself. This is not all, Sitecore 9.3 has some more exciting features that are definitely beneficial for content authors, publishers, editors and campaign managers.

Below are the key features that have been added as part of Sitecore Forms in version 9.3:

  1. Publish Option
  2. Email Confirmation and File Upload
  3. Bot Detection
  4. Redirect to External Url
  5. Form Data Deletion

The section below provides an in-depth knowledge about how these changes were and how have they changed

  • Publish Sitecore Form: While publishing a form in version 9.3, users do not need to exit the form module. Now, forms can be directly created from within the module by choosing the options provided in the console. This features makes form uploading efficient and also saves some unnecessary clicks.

    Publish sitecore form

  • Email Confirmation: The previous versions lacked ‘custom confirm’ email component which lead to a lot of manual effort. With this new version, there is a smooth path to follow, drag and drop the email confirmation component from toolbox on the form page. Additional configuration, such as condition to manage the field and Value provider to prefill the field data is also available in version 9.3. The image below shows how this option is available in the new version:

    Email confirmation form

  • File Upload: With the help of this feature, you can simply drag and drop 'file upload' component rather than manually creating this component.

    File upload

  • Bot Detection: For bot detection, captcha is required to detect if the form is filled by humans. This is usually annoying and in version 9.3, the need for captcha is replaced by ‘Bot Detection’ feature. This is an out of the box property inside form setting.

    Bot Detection

  • Redirect to External URL: Can you recall what we did to redirect our form to another URL after submission? Yes, you are thinking in right direction where we always created a custom submit action to achieve that. But 9.3 fixes this cumbersome effort by providing the option of ‘redirect to URL’ within the console as shown in screenshot below:

    Redirect to URL

    On clicking this option, a new popup opens where external URLs can be added directly. While doing this, additional parameters for query string can be provided as shown in the image below. This adds value and ease for third part integrations, thus knitting the entire process for a faster completion.

    Redirect to URL

  • Delete Form Data: Deleting form data has never been as convenient as it is in version 9.3. In this, data can be deleted by simply selecting the item from the form. Now, there is no need to switch to content editor form mode to delete the form.

    Delete Form Data

    Delete Form Data

Sitecore CMS for Multi-site implementation


The features added in Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3 are launched keeping productivity and ease of working in mind. Where the earlier versions required manual, time-taking effort to perform certain tasks, this version has fixed them by making technology available at the disposal of humans to make them more efficient. These features help developers in avoiding custom component creation. From the perspective of marketers and campaign managers, these features allow them to meet customer expectations by providing them more personalized forms as per their requirement. It is positive initiative to create high-converting forms to meet organizational/team goals.

Kashmi Seth Technical Lead | Altudo

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