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What's new in Sitecore 9.3 Email Experience Manager?

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In the age of high-level personalization, this spells great news for marketers. The release of Sitecore 9.3 has brought along out of the box email templates in Email Experience Manager. This can help us to run email campaigns more efficiently and successfully by providing the required email layouts to meet the goal of engaging more customers on-site.

With this addition, we no longer need to spend resources and time on designing the email layout. One can use the enhanced email templates provided by Sitecore in the Email experience manager. 

To get a better idea of these templates, and to leverage their benefits, check the following steps:

Create the email campaign

You can either create a regular email campaign or an automated email campaign, depending on your requirement, just by clicking Create in the email campaign manager. This will provide you with a selection of enhanced templates, which can then be used to create email layouts without much effort. 



In the announcement layout, one has the option to add Images, Content, and a call to action button. This provides a very simplified design of an email message layout, with balanced blocks. This can be used for general announcements or any information we would like to share with recipients.

Alternating columns

This provides a little different representation of the content in the email message by placing the call to action button and content/image data side by side. This can be used for regular email campaigns such as newspaper updates, newly published blogs to subscribers, new launches, etc. with their URL, which will land recipients to respective site's pages.

Call to action focus.

This type of design is mainly focused on encouraging the users to click on the call to action buttons. It can be used to ask recipients to join or register for an upcoming event, training, webinar, competition, hackathons, etc.

Import HTML

This provides marketers with the following options, just by clicking on the Import HTML at the bottom. You can upload any HTML or media files based on the requirement and can design a customized email message layout.


Create from an existing page

The following options will be displayed when you click on 'Create from the existing page button' at the bottom. This will help you to easily create the email message layout by utilizing the design from the existing pages, just by providing the URL of the page in the field or by browsing the Sitecore content tree (as shown in the screenshot).


Once you have chosen the email campaign layout from the above options, you will be provided with more options to customize the content in the email, select recipients, and delivery.


You can also add the general information in the General Tab. This includes the sender's name, sender's email, email campaign name, type of template used, the location where you would like to store this in Sitecore, email campaign, etc.

In the Recipients tab, you can select the recipients' list from the List Manager to those you would like to target the email campaign to and select another list in the Exclude List dropdown that contains the email addresses of recipients where email should not be sent.


In the Message tab, you can edit the content of the email message like subject, body and 

alternating text.


In the Delivery tab, you can select several options related to the email message delivery, such as the schedule of the email campaign, personalization, sending mode, multi-language support, and notification to be received once the email campaign is successfully completed.


You can easily edit, update, or create the content in the email message layout based on the requirement by clicking, updating, and adding. You can also add workflow based on the need.


Once you have designed the whole email campaign and are ready to send, you can add multiple variants of the email message for A/B testing to find the best email message layout that results in the highest engagement and goal achievement. A/B testing is the most effective method to make an email campaign stand out based on the results received from multiple variants.


The Email Experience Manager (EXM) application is excellent to manage email campaigns that are personal and relevant to your customers, and you use the List Manager application to manage the contacts that you want to be part of your campaign. You can also use marketing automation to target contacts at specific points and different stages of the customer journey. All in all, the new additions are all worth it - after all, they're sure to make a marketer stand out with personalized email campaigns!


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