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Sitecore Campaigns: Your ultimate marketing tool

It is critical to understand what brings visitors to your website and analyze what kind of marketing initiatives work better for conversions.

In Sitecore, a campaign is a promotion or an advertising initiative that is designed to encourage people to visit your website. These campaigns serve various purposes - right from brand awareness to making visitors perform certain actions on your website, and run for a stipulated time period.

In the Sitecore Experience Platform, you can keep track of your campaigns by creating campaign groups and activities. These campaign groups are high-level campaigns that contain multiple campaign activities across different channels. Besides, these campaign activities are individual campaigns that run for a limited period on a specific channel.

Identifying campaigns

When you create new campaign activities in the Campaign Creator application, you can identify them by campaign group and channel. These function as tags that identify which groups the campaign activities belong to. You can go to the Taxonomy node of the Marketing Control Panel where you can create new campaign groups. That’s not all - you can also use the Marketing Control Panel to create your own custom campaign facets, which you can generally use to describe aspects of a campaign that work for your organization, including geography, business unit and so on.

When you create a campaign, the Campaign Creator generates a code which can be applied to track external interactions, including email campaigns or traffic coming from an external web source. This is a helpful tool to gather more information about campaign traffic and efficiency.

Analyzing Campaigns

You can use Experience Analytics to track information about campaigns. Through this, you can track real-time information about where users who visit your website come from, which channels they use to access your content and which pattern cards they match. Besides, you can also view reports to get campaign details and also know the ones that lead to highest goal conversion rates.

Experience Analytics reports can also be used to identify immediate information about the contacts visiting your site and also the level of engagement. This can help you analyze how effective your campaign is and accordingly highlight the areas that you can optimize to improve performance.

Personalizing campaigns

You can also create personalization rules to personalize a campaign’s content so that every user finds your content relevant. For instance, you can track where your contact comes from and show personalized content based on the location. You can implement various rules to show different content to contacts, depending on their region or country. That’s not all - you can implement various rules that display personalized content that are based on goals a user has converted and the number of engagement points they have accumulated.

Create and track campaign activities
When you create a campaign activity, the Campaign Creator creates a tracking code that can be used to track external interactions, including email campaigns or traffic from an external source.

Once you apply the campaign tracking code, you can open Experience Analytics from the Campaign Creator that enables you to track campaigns in real time. You can access traffic levels, engagement value per visit and also know how effective your campaign is. You can also compare how different campaign activities perform within a single campaign group, giving you insight into which channels provide the most value to your organization, and which channels could use optimization.

Associate a campaign with an item

You can associate a campaign with various items, such as landing pages or registration forms.

To associate a campaign with an item:

1. Navigate to the item you want to associate with the campaign.

2. In the Experience Editor, navigate to the page that contains the item that you want to associate a campaign with.

3. In the Content Editor, expand the content tree and navigate to the content item that you want to associate a campaign with.

4. In the Attributes group, click Attributes.

5. In the Experience Editor, the Attributes group is found on the Optimization tab.

6.In the Content Editor, the Attributes group is located on the Analyze tab.

7. In the Attributes dialog, click the Campaigns tab and then select the campaign that you want to associate with the content item. Click OK.

8. Click Save.

9. On the Home tab, in the Publish group, click Publish to save your changes.

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Associate a campaign event with multiple items

To associate a campaign event with multiple items:

1. Select an item or item bucket.

2. In the search field enter * to return all items in the item bucket.

3. Click the drop-down arrow to the left of the search field and select Search Operations.

4. In Search Operations, select Apply Campaigns Events.

5. In the Attributes dialog, select either the event or failure action that you want to associate with the items.

6. Click OK. The items are associated with the event or failure action.

Create and edit a campaign activity

To create a campaign activity:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, click Campaign Creator.
  2. On the landing page, click Create campaign.

3. In the General campaign info section, in the Name field, enter a name for the campaign. To enter start and end dates, click the calendar icon and select a date from the calendar.

4. In the Campaign classification section, select the campaign classification attributes that you want to associate with the campaign activity by clicking the drop-down menu next to each attribute.
In this example, the Comic Con 2015 Campaign Group and the Facebook sponsored posts Channel have been added to the campaign activity.

5. Click Save to save the campaign activity.

Create a campaign group

A campaign group is a higher-level campaign that includes multiple campaign activities. You can use campaign groups to include individual campaign activities that you run across different channels. When you create a new campaign activity, it is a good idea to associate it with a campaign group.

To create a campaign group:

1. In the Marketing Control Panel, in the content tree, expand the Taxonomies node and click Campaign Group.

2. On the Home tab, in the Insert group, click Campaign Group.

3. In the Message dialog box, enter a name for the campaign group and click OK.

4. To save the new campaign group, click Save.

5. To deploy the campaign group, select the root Campaign group item and on the Taxonomy tab, click Deploy.

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