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Sitecore Analytics 101 - A complete list of Sitecore reports you cannot ignore

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The only way to justify your marketing budgets is successful analytics and reporting. As Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Today, leading marketers must leverage utilizing analytics to justify the investment of time and resources into your digital marketing. Consistent measurement is also the key to outperform your peers with higher revenue growth and gross profit growth. According to Bain, companies who use analytics make decisions more quickly, and as a result, post better financials than their competition.

To begin your analytics journey, you will need the right technology to regularly track and review your success metrics, and a number of basic reports to revisit. While there are a variety of tools available, for the purposes of this article, I will walk through the Sitecore Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution, to detail my favorite reports and what you can hope to learn by using them.

Why Sitecore Analytics?

Sitecore analytics reports not only quantify visitor engagement on a website but also help determine an effectiveness of visitor engagement. Engagement Analytics within Sitecore shows there is a high correlation between engagement value and revenue.

This high correlation makes it easy for marketers to make better decisions faster. Sitecore analytics is very useful as it has its own data collection for real-time website personalization, A/B testing as well as measuring an effectiveness of website visits and marketing campaigns.

Sitecore Reporting Interfaces and corresponding reports

The analytics component of Sitecore DMS is the foundation of DMS where all information and data is collected. Even if you don’t have specific plans for utilizing DMS yet, you should at least start collecting information about your visitors for later use.

Several analytics reports are available in Sitecore DMS within Executive Dashboard and Engagement Analytics. Here, you can see that the Marketing Center helps to configure various marketing and analytic features such as goals, campaigns, engagement plans, multivariate testing and content personalization on a website etc.


sitecore analytics


Executive Dashboard

I recommend that you set up an Executive Dashboard on your Sitecore DMS. This will give you a clear picture on a performance of marketing activities, make informed decisions and fine tune your strategy.

Digital Customer Engagement for Asset & Wealth Management Companies

Here are the reports you can find in your executive dashboard:

  • Channel Performance (By Visits, Value, and Value per Visit): This report will tell number of visits, value and value per visit generated by each channel. Using this report we can easily determine which channel of traffic brings most qualified visitors and identify opportunities to optimize source traffic to a website.
  • Campaign Performance (By Visits, Value, Value per Visit, Potential): This report will tell you the visits, value, a value per visit and potential for various campaigns. Insights from this report can help optimize the performance of various marketing campaigns.
  • Brand Awareness (By Visits, Value, Value per Visit): This dashboard can be used to get an overview of visitor brand awareness. For example, low brand awareness may indicate that you need to do more to promote the company brand. It displays visits with value and efficiency (value per visits) generated for the Search Engine – Branded traffic type.
  • Referring Sites (By Visits, Value, Value per Visit, Potential): This information can be used as part of your SEO search strategy. These referral sources may be the sources your target audience use the most.
  • Entry Pages (By Visits, Value, Value per Visit, Potential): This dashboard helps to identify pages that lead to the highest value visits and to also identify underperforming pages. An entry page could be a landing page created for a specific campaign or a page referred by another website.
  • Search Keywords (By Visits, Value, Value per Visit, Potential): This dashboard can be used as part of your SEO keyword optimization strategy to identify which keywords are most effective.
  • Internal Site Search: This dashboard helps to find out which content visitors search for the most on your website. It will help answer a variety of questions such as: How do different groups of users search website? Where do searches begin and end? Are users satisfied with what they find?
  • Asset Consumed: It refers to visitors downloading brochures, white papers and other assets from the website during a visit.
  • Goal Conversions: It will tell which goals had the most conversions and generated the most efficient (high value) visits on the website.

sitecore analytics 2

Engagement Analytics:

Your Sitecore DMS will also show you engagement analytics, which present how effectively your audience interacts with your site. Here are the Different reports available in the Sitecore engagement analytics dashboard:

  • Site Health (Common Mistakes, Latest Failures, Not found URLs, Pages that report errors, Slow Pages): This report helps to check overall health of website, identify broken and slow pages etc. We can use this report to identify the errors visitors are finding on a website.
  • Top Leads (Value/Activity) Classified/Unclassified Organizations for Sales: This report will help determine classified/unclassified organizations who have shown an increased interest and a greater amount of activity on the website during a specified period of time.
  • Latest Visits Report: This report shows the visitor’s organization name (if known), the value of their visit, how many times the visitor has been to the site (Visit #), and the date and time of the visit. This report helps to identify recent visitors, particularly visitors showing increased interest who may be ready to register or engage with more commitment. We may want to try and identify these visitors as future prospects.

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