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Enabling Self-Service Marketing for Multiple Sites Management in Large Enterprises

The world is rapidly changing, and to keep up with the change, large enterprises must adopt the right strategies to reach out to the larger customer bases and stay in business. Customer expectations have changed, and today they are looking to use a customer self-service portal to solve minor issues that they come across while seeking customer support. Like buyers looking for good customer service coupled with self-service capabilities, marketers today also want to be empowered to make changes as per the target audience while working for large enterprises. One such solution that today's growing companies are looking for is to empower marketers with the right self-service tool.

Large enterprises in multiple geolocations have understood the importance of developing personalized content for their local markets to enhance customer experience. However, they often face challenges in multisite management that can be solved with self-service marketing. In fact, per Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. This makes it essential for organizations to adopt self-service marketing to streamline processes for local teams and facilitate local efforts at the corporate level.

Self-Service Benefits for Marketers 

Self-Service Benefits for Marketers

Fig. Benefits of Self-Service for Marketers

With customers looking for high-level personalized experiences large enterprises aim to target the right audiences with the relevant content. For this, creating and posting localized content is essential. As being present in multiple geolocations increases pressure on companies to produce larger volumes of local content, self-service marketing can take the load of the designers and content creators, helping companies focus their efforts in the right directions. Here is how a self-service marketing tool can help marketers -

Reduced Cost

Using a self-service enabled marketing solution can help large enterprises to manage multiple brands under them through one single dashboard, reducing costs for the company. This can also help enterprises effectively segment their audiences based on geolocations and build a more targeted marketing campaign for higher ROI. An enterprise can also cut costs on advertising promotions by pooling resources for several affiliates located within a specific geographic region, increasing the purchasing power of a single location while still maximizing the impact of local messaging.

Some self-service examples of low-cost, high-impact channels for local marketing efforts include social media and local websites.

Increase Brand Equity

By leveraging self-service capabilities for marketers, large enterprises can provide their local customer bases with highly personalized content that increases engagement. They can also recycle their content by adding a local flavour to maintain consistent messaging across all channels and brands without duplicating content.

Improve Time to Market

Self-service helps large enterprises to improve their time to market by providing an option of managing content across multiple geolocations from one place. This also empowers marketers to update campaigns for multiple geolocations, giving them the scope to focus their resources on other brand-building efforts.

Higher Sales Conversions

Research by Google suggested that "nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location and that 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose digital channels are customized with location-relevant information." As today's customers do all their research online before purchasing, they prefer to buy from brands that personalize their customer experience based on geolocations. This can help customers feel more connected to your brand and make it more relatable, increasing engagement and conversions.  

Improved Analytics 

Self-service marketing allows an organization to effectively analyze their marketing efforts with the right analytics and valuable insight derived from the customer journey. Corporate marketers can also track local marketing campaign metrics for better insights into geographic performance. This can help them come up with better customer loyalty and retention programs to grow in the market.

How Can OneWeb Help?

How can OneWeb Help?

To summarize, OneWeb enables you to serve and support multiple brands at scale. It helps you create consistent and standardized experiences with the flexibility to deliver a unique brand experience. With this, it's also your one-step solution giving you the power to migrate websites to a centralized platform with reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, it supports you to build and manage brands for multiple geographic regions with a centralized delivery model. Furthermore, it provides a unified governance of content operations to allow your business units to deliver content at scale. Lastly, this solution helps you speed up time-to-market with self-service and turn-key marketing operations while reducing your operational costs.

The Bottom Line

The rapid post-pandemic developments have resulted in immense changes in both customer and business behaviour. With customer expectations changing, large enterprises must find the right strategies to reduce costs while increasing productivity and sales. For this, they must introduce a self-service approach for their marketing teams to effectively use and promote the right content to local customers for higher relevance.

For more information on picking out the right self-service solutions tailored to your demands to enhance customer experience, you can connect with our Digital Marketing experts at and have a more detailed discussion.

OneWeb: Multi-Site, Multi-Brand Management Solution
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