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Salesforce Optimization for ROI Realization

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Many organizations that use Salesforce do not get the best ROI from their implementation. It is often seen that Salesforce capabilities are underutilized, leading to dissatisfaction among the user community. Since organizations deal with enormous data and complex processes, it is imperative that they initiate and encourage best practices.

How well your Salesforce version optimized is, determines the success achieved by the various teams that use Salesforce. Lack of optimization creates a room for redundancies in:

Customizations: Redundancies related to new features and functionalities adversely impact quick time to market. Salesforce is easy to configure and customize which leads to redundant Configurations and Code in the system. This prevents the agility and quick time to market to enable new business needs. Lengthy forms with multiple unused fields.

Data: Data-related redundancies leads to incorrect reports and analytics. Data coming from multiple sources, Data entry without the rules being defined, accurate and complete information not being captured are the common errors.

Analytics: Redundancies in the reporting and analytics sections lead to confusions in terms of correctness of reports, charts and dashboards.

Business Processes: Redundancies pertaining to business include unrequired workflows which create user dissatisfactions and low adoption rate. In a fast paced environment, optimized processes are required to ensure smooth functioning of daily tasks.

Integrations: Integrations are crucial and redundancies in integrations lead to inadequate exchange of data or sometimes be over-the-top, causing reporting and analytics to become less effective. Plan your integration to be defined as a long-term automation strategy with a quick fix data solution.

Benefits of Salesforce Optimization

The benefits of optimizing Salesforce are directly related to productivity of teams in delivering personalized experience every time customers interact with your brands. An optimized Salesforce software integrates the efforts of multiple teams working towards service and customer support to create committed business links with the clients. Some of the top benefits of Salesforce Optimization are listed below:

Increased Platform Efficiency: Configuring and customizing the platform as per requirements.

Increased Data Authenticity: Data validations and rules in place.

Increased Correctness of Reporting & Analytics: Updated data to build reports.

Optimal Data Exchanges in Integrations: Closely-knit with other tools.

Reduced Data Storage Cost: Maintaining only the required data.

User Licenses Optimization: Updating license requirement as per the need.

Beginning Salesforce Optimization

Salesforce optimization is a structured, step-by-step method where each step contributes equally to achieve the goal of optimization. Here are the things to consider as you begin Salesforce optimization:

User License Optimization: License fee is one of the most prominent expenses for Salesforce users. As you optimize your Salesforce account, learn and evaluate all licensing options and the role they have. Once aware, make an intelligent choice by only picking up the licenses that you will use the most.

User Management: User management in Salesforce is very crucial. It involves working with permissions and licenses, delegating users, and more. You should thus manage organization-wide user settings to improve user experience and organization security.

Removal of Redundancies: You must remove redundancies related to configuration and code that occur over time to maximize the potential of Salesforce. Systems must be cleaned of any unused Fields, Workflows, custom code etc.

Removal of Duplicate and Unused Data: There is enormous data of the large number of customers that organizations target/manage using Salesforce. Possibilities of data that has been unused are also high.
In such cases, it is important update data and have well-defined validation rules to do away with data that is no longer adding value to the day to day operations.

Well-Planned Integrations: Data comes from various sources as customers have multiple touch points while interacting with a brand. Having well-planned integrations is thus a priority to build a 360 customer view and to have a quick fix data solution.

What should come next?

To optimize Salesforce as per the needs of individual businesses, a series of steps need to be performed. Just like the challenges faced by any two businesses are different, so is the solution kit. To begin with, here is what brands need to focus on:

Identify the areas that require the optimization and define the expected outcome. And get the Stakeholders aligned

Optimizer reports should be the starting point. Followed by deep dives for

  • Configurations
  • Customizations
  • Analytics

Conduct the Data checks for the inaccuracy, incompleteness and duplicity of the data

Put a plan for removing the redundancy from the system

Put validations in place

Define the policies:

  • Data management and archival
  • Change management for any new configurations and customizations

Sitecore + SFMC = Marketing Success


Salesforce Optimization is a very calculative and carefully planned process execution to ensure nothing important is lost in the optimization process. It aims to remove the redundancies for the implemented system. Optimization not only ensures smooth workflows, but also improves team efficiency and data authenticity and integration.

If you feel that your team or organization needs Salesforce optimization to maximize benefits of this software, you can contact Altudo’s in-house Salesforce experts. We will work with your team to synthesize the true potential of Salesforce for your organization. You can simply write to us at and we will call you directly to design the best Salesforce practices that suit your business.

Gaurav Rehani Head, CRM | Altudo

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