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Top Reasons to Choose Drupal for Insurance Industry

While investing in a CMS for your organization, it is important to understand the nature of your industry. One of the most basic definitions of a CMS is that a Content Management System (CMS) is a software or a platform that allows organizations to manage content on their websites, a CMS also facilitates unique front-end solutions to meet customer expectations when they interact with a brand.

The insurance sector has been slow in technological adoption when compared to other sectors. However in the recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of insurance companies giving way to technology. As per a study by Deloitte, “Nearly half of global insurers expect to make deals over the next three years to acquire new technologies, and 14% of those expect to make more than one acquisition.”

Top Priorities for Insurance Industry

Talking about the insurance industry, data lies at the heart of it. The industry has always found itself overburdened by paperwork around claims, forms, audits, case management and much more. It is crucial for every insurance company to manage their day-to-day operational costs, streamline repository at a central location while enabling all the teams to access it quickly.

Keeping in view the importance of customer experience and data, an ideal CMS for the insurance industry is the one that supports data portability, integration, and the like. The top priorities for every insurance company includes:

Customer Loyalty: Insurers try to build a loyal customer base by offering them upgrades of their existing services or new services on the basis of their browsing history.

Revenue Growth: An annual increase in the revenue of the insurance company is as critical as any other industry.

Operating Efficiency: The day-to-day activities of insurance industry involve a lot of costs, hence they need to optimize their activities to make teams and processes efficient.

Improved Conversion: Data analysis helps insurance companies to increase conversions by offering personalized.

Customer Experience: By offering utmost CX to every customers, insurance companies can make a favourable impression.

What Does Drupal offer as a CMS

Drupal was built to offer open-source CMS solutions as well as rendering the front-end for the entire website. Ever since its launch in 2001, Drupal has been winning hearts because of the ease of content creation, management and low maintenance cost.

Drupal comes with the ability to deliver innovative digital experience with its interactive and unique front-end designs and fast-loading websites. In 2021, the users give utmost importance to the experience that brands provide them. Customers are more likely to interact with brands whose websites are easy to discover, navigate and offer them personalized solutions on the basis of their taste, preferences and browsing history.

Benefits of Drupal for Insurance Industry

There are several benefits of choosing a Drupal for insurance companies. It not only provides quick solutions but also provides increased efficiencies over legacy CMS. Below are the top reasons to opt for a headless CMS as Drupal:

Latest Innovation and Ideas: Drupal offers more than 15,000 modules around content management, SEO, UI, UX, accessibility support, security, and much more. Organizations can leverage these offerings and enhance the digital experience for their clients by creating dynamic pages that foster innovation.

Data Security: As an open-source CMS, data on Drupal is considered to be vulnerable. But, Drupal has a special eye for security where information is constantly transmitted, passwords are encrypted and the community reviews the modules thoroughly to ensure hassle-free experience.

Cost Savings: By choosing Drupal, organizations can save costs related to software hosting, availability, security, and updates. A headless CMS is usually a SaaS product which is selected by organizations to decrease the overall cost of management and maintenance.

Scalability: Drupal is highly scalable which means that may concurrent pages can be run simultaneously without affecting the site performance. Drupal smoothly accommodates content-rich sites and supports content growth, hence proving itself to be an ideal CMS for the insurance industry.

Content Layout: Drupal has a whole range of features for HTML content layout and elements like tabs, images, lists, etc. The layout builder allows content editors to easily create visual layouts for the content and publish it without dependency on developers and technical teams.

Marketing Agility: Drupal facilitates market agility by making it easier to create landing pages, build campaigns, and send content to multiple destinations so that teams can coordinate their marketing efforts better and increase site traffic and conversions

SEO: Drupal is much beyond a CMS and it enables organizations to increase the content efficiency by providing SEO solutions. It allows content authors to get better ranking, hence improved ranking on Google SERP.

Integration for Omnichannel Marketing: Drupal can be integrated with other digital experience platforms to enable omnichannel marketing management. Organizations that have multiple websites, iOS and Android apps, web applications, have a lot of content. Hence, to have a single source of truth rather than managing multiple content avenues, leads to clarity in brand messaging as well as enhanced efficiency of marketing teams.


Insurance is a critical and data-heavy industry which has been slow in technological adoption in this digital age. With the increasing competition and customer expectations, more insurance companies are leaving behind their traditional methods. Not to be ignored that insurance industry is subject to vulnerabilities because of the fickle-minded customers. To manage customer expectations well and beating competitors, it is imperative to use CMS services as Drupal that can support dynamic content requirements as well as the need to personalize customer experience for each one.

Given the requirements of the insurance industry and the features that Drupal provides, it seems to be a match that can fulfil customer expectations and unify content to offer a seamless omnichannel experience, while reducing the operational costs for the insurance companies.

For more information on Drupal and how it can be used to scale marketing team operations for various teams, you can write to and we will connect you to our Drupal experts.

Prakash Jha Director, Sales | Altudo

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