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Points to keep in mind while planning your marketing automation migration

Maketing Automation Platform Migration

Marketing automation is a set of powerful tools used to plan, coordinate, manage and measure the company’s marketing campaign both online and offline. It's really essential to select the right set of marketing automation tools that fits your need. In case you have made the wrong choice and are willing to migrate from your old marketing automation tools to new ones then here are some tips you need to keep in mind while migrating.

  1. Schedule your migration period wisely -
  2. Schedule your migration during that time of the year when there is relatively lesser demand for your product. Your peak selling season is not the best time as it will affect your sales adversely. As migration of such platforms require a huge investment of your resources and has to be performed in a compressed amount of time.

  3. List out the risk factors -
  4. Take a step ahead and list out all the risks that you can face in the migration period and rank each of them in terms of potential severity and their likelihood to occur. Specify diminution strategies and action plans for the risk factors and be ready to deal with them if they occur.

  5. Go for a multi-phased approach -
  6. In a complex ecosystem dividing the migration process into multiple phases reduces the risk factors and makes the process more manageable.

  7. Be ready with some substitutes -
  8. you should be ready with some substitute resources for the transition period depending upon how composite your network is so that your work doesn't get affected. Contact the stakeholders or those that will be doing the actual execution for their suggestions and involvement.

  9. Collect comprehensive information about your new platform -
  10. Its really essential to gather complete information about your new MAP from your vendor or agency partner as a lack of information regarding the new platform can affect your sales. Discuss the use of MAP tools, strategies and all the required information with the partner organizations that will help you achieve your goals.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation in Insurance

Follow the above-mentioned tips if you want the transition to go smoothly and quickly with minimized risks.  

Marketing automation migration if approached in a systematic and planned way can bring immediate benefits. Before migrating do plenty of research about planning the migratory phases and which marketing automation platform to choose.

Marketing Team Technical Lead | Altudo

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