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Personalization with Salesforce Customer 360

Today's age where customers interact with brands through multiple channels, creating a single view of each customer becomes challenging for most companies. Customers provide a wide range of data over multiple channels throughout the different stages of their buying journey. Thus arises the data conflicts, such as multiple usernames, email addresses, or purchase histories, exist for the same customer who has interacted through multiple channels.

As a result of multiple touch points, companies often have more than one usernames for the very same customer. Rather than being treated as a single customer, the same customer gets treated as a different identity. That is where all the problem begins and need of unified customer profile becomes inevitable.

75% of consumers agree that they expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with a brand, whether on the brand’s website, on social media, on mobile, or in person. Brands, in this process, need to accumulate all this data from all the sources to create a unique profile for each customer. This profile must encapsulate all the information such as previous interactions, lifestyle preference, buying history, devices used, etc. It is only when all of this information is collected and put under one customer profile that brands are able to deliver hyper personalized customer experience.

This is where the role of advance and holistic CRM tools such as Salesforce comes into play. Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that allows brands to connect Salesforce apps like Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud and create a universal customer profile to build a single view of each customer. This customer profile is a sum total of all the interactions across at every stage of the customer’s buying journey and after-sales transactions.

Combined with the capabilities of other Salesforce tools, Customer 360 utilizes the data from customer profiles and combines it with AI to quickly send recommendations to customers. Customer 360 allows brands to offer a consistent experience to each customer every time they interact through any touch point. Being a part of the world’s leading CRM software tool Company- Salesforce, Customer 360 comes with the sophistication of integrating itself with the existing tools of the companies. By integrating the data from all the sources and unifying it at one place, Customer 360 helps companies to have better customer relationships.

In the absence of a scalable tool as this, organizations face challenges such as:

  1. Missing a 360 view of customers
  2. Time-consuming manual Forecasting of data maintained Outside CRM
  3. Poor Stakeholder Integration and Lack of Integrated Systems
  4. Lack of Mobile or Social Adaptability
  5. Sales-Marketing Disconnect on Journey and Attributions
  6. Constrained Visibility on Marketing ROI
  7. Poor CRM Data Quality
  8. Lack of data-driven Customer Insight and Self-Serve Analytics

When organizations deploy the power of Salesforce 360 in their business and link their systems into a single consumer ID across all platforms, these are some visible gains:

  • 50% increase in email conversion
  • 28% increase in conversion rate
  • 21% YoY growth
  • 35% increase in customer satisfaction

Having read the above stats, it is clear that organizations that do data unification right use tools such as Salesforce 360, are obliged to have a greater base of satisfied customer and brighter chances of having more customers.

Connected Experience with Salesforce’s Customer 360
Connected-Experience-with-Salesforce-Customer 360


Salesforce 360 with its vision to integrate customer data across all platforms to create a global customer ID transforms customer engagement. In this digitally-connected, work from anywhere culture, Salesforce 360 facilitates the digital transformation for organizations to enhance customer engagement. Organizations that have started using Salesforce 360 already know how their teams’ productivity has increased, data silos have decreased and how all the teams working on the same data work towards enhancement of customer engagement.

Our Salesforce team at Altudo helps clients do exactly this. We understand why organizations face data friction and help them solve the problem of data silos by integrating Salesforce into their existing systems to unify the data across all touch points at one place to offer a 360 degree view of each customer. To know how we do this, you can get in touch with our Salesforce experts for a no-obligation workshop.

Gaurav Rehani Head, CRM | Altudo

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