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Making Omnichannel Personalization a Reality Using Sitecore

With over 4.65 billion web users today who have distinctive preferences and wishes, companies must give their customers personalized options to pick from. To thrive in such a competitive market, companies must have a full view of the customer journey built across multiple platforms. The importance of creating this personalized customer experience can never be overstated as it increases customer retention, in turn, making the brand image better and the business profitable. This makes it vital for companies to enhance customer experience by getting to know their customers better through their journeys and omnichannel customer engagement.

Research suggests that 89% of companies today compete on providing the most personalized customer experience. Numbers also show that while 80% of companies believe that they delivered on the “required customer experience,” only 8% of their customers agree to this statement. This means that staying at par with the dynamic customer demands is essential for companies to stay at the top.

Customers don’t care if your brand is digitized but do look for seamless and easy delivery. However, this omnichannel customer behavior is essential for marketers to understand customers better and provide a customized CX.

Why Is Omnichannel Personalization Rapidly Becoming a Game Changer?

Personalizing customer journeys can help companies effectively drive ROI and improve their profits. Companies must focus on the importance of using the right techniques to cater to the needs of every customer. A single customer can give your business insights into improving customer retention and even implement new omnichannel marketing strategies. This also helps your company to come up with cross-selling and up-selling for a profitable business.

How Can Omnichannel Personalization Impact your Business?

Here are a few ways that omnichannel personalization can help your business grow -

omnichannel personalization business impact

What can a Sitecore CDP do for your company?

The Sitecore Experience Platform products like Sitecore XP and Boxever give you the chance to look at customer data from a different perspective. Coupled with the power of AI and automated marketing features, it helps you provide an enhanced, top-level digital experience to your customers. Here are a few other solutions that this digital platform has to offer -

what sitecore cdp means

Enterprise Data Management

Most companies have all the relevant customer data collected by different departments but not a single place to view it all to derive relevant insights. A CDP, in such a case, helps to organize all the customer data collected by different departments and devices to give your sales and marketing teams a single truth about the customer’s behavior across multiple channels. This gives you the power to personalize the omnichannel customer experience for each customer’s needs, improving business and brand name.

Omnichannel Personalization and Optimization

Leveraging the benefits of the Sitecore Experience Platform and Boxever, your data is collated into one space that helps you keep a real-time track of customer behavior to gauge your next actions. This level of personalization helps you connect better to your customer and helps you deliver the smooth communication that your customers are looking for. This helps you expand your customer base with happy, loyal customers. As 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations relevant to them, losing out customers to companies that are willing to deliver isn’t an option for the rest.

Effective Tracking and Measurement

The Sitecore CDP also helps change your company culture to a data-driven one with a real-time behavioral tracking engine. It helps you improve your understanding of customer needs and gives you the flexibility of A/B testing new features and digital experiences omnichannel. With this agile approach, your team can build the right customer experiences with relevant customer data and deliver personalized customer service.

Eliminating Silos in Multi-source Data Integration

The Sitecore CDP also helps businesses take a no-dead approach to enhance customer experience by eliminating data silos across all departments. It helps companies create seamless, personalized journeys for customers that they want to keep coming back to. As creating a single customer view is essential for personalizing CX, integrating different data sources and omnichannel systems to the Sitecore XP can enable this.

Bottom Line

In short, good customer experience has become the differentiating factor in today’s customer-centric market. While creating a personalized experience for customers has become vital for companies to be profitable, this is about the commitment and teamwork put in by all departments. To take the first step, creating a customer ID and feeding all data into one can better collect relevant customer data. This would create a path for you to build a persona for your customer that, in turn, will help you build more personalized customer experiences.

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