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Delivering next-generation digital experiences

For brands to succeed nowadays, they need to deliver digital-first experiences to customers over every channel. Digital experiences help brands to increase their revenue and customer loyalty. Enterprises need to make delivering digital experiences a core competency in order to stay competitive, and they need to deliver them faster than the competition. Digital experiences can run on multiple channels, ranging from mobile apps to an in-store digital display.

The future of digital experiences will be entirely different as brands have started integrating different technologies to understand customer requirements and deliver them superior digital experiences. Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt new technologies as per customer requirements. Interestingly, customers are the initiators and drivers of this change and not the companies.

Digital Experience Trends
Below are the top trends in delivering digital experience in the future:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): As per Microsoft, 95% of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by AI by 2025.

  2. Voice Commerce: Many ecommerce brands have already started selling their products/services through voice commerce. This trend will continue to increase in the future.

  3. Omnichannel customer experience: Since the number of touchpoints for customers are on a rise, they need seamless experience while interacting with brands across all channels.

  4. Balancing Local and Global: Every customer is local as well as global. Organizations need to cater to the local demands which include cultural, geographical and regulatory requirements. To balance global with local, organiztions need to inherit local preferences and standardization in such scenerios is still challenging.

Digital Transformation Strategies
Bringing in a digital transformation for a business is often challenging. Strategies that work well in the digital sphere are completely different from the ones that work in a typical scenario.
To begin with, businesses can implement the below-mentioned strategies as a part of their digital transformation journey:

  1. Cloud Solution: Businesses can rely on the cloud-based services to meet customer demands rather than purchasing on-site web solutions.

  2. Data-driven information: With the explosion in the number of touchpoints customers have, brands have the opportunity to collect more information about client preferences, buying history, requirements and much more. By offering a personalized experience based on these factors, brands can fulfil customer expectations efficiently.

  3. Digital Asset Management: When going digital, the one thing that brands need to manage is bulk content. When multiple teams work towards customer service, there is ample information that is circulated for customers. In such situations, it is immensely important to manage digital assets to avoid duplication of different brands value being conveyed to the users across multiple channels.

  4. Digitally-enabled Agent Assistance: To meet the needs of the customers 24*7, businesses today need a quick, reliable and accurate medium to communicate with their clients. AI-powered chat bots are an effective medium of communicating. Businesses can trigger quick conversations using chat bots without human intervention. These conversations are also a great source for humans to analyse consumer behaviour in the later stage of engaging with brands.

The definitive guide to delivering great Customer Experience


The digital revolution has lead to businesses re-thinking the way they look at customers. Today, most of the customers prefer interacting with the brand website before getting in touch with any brand representative. Customer behaviour today is non-linear and multi-channel. They buy experiences today, rather than buying what brands actually sell. To ensure customer loyalty amidst multiple brand options, it is very important that brands relate to the values of the customer, make them feel important by delivering a personalized multichannel experience.

It thus becomes imperative for brands to re-align their marketing strategies, having a ‘digital-first’ mindset to cater to the dynamic needs of the modern customer and make them returning visitors.

Pramod Chuphal Sr. UI developer at Altudo

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