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Manage Multiple Brands Better with Multi-Tenancy in DXP

In today’s era of rapid digitization, companies across the globe are looking to have ample digital presence, that is connected as well as personalized at the same time. For this, businesses must be willing to adopt new and transformation solutions to stay at the top.

Let's say that you’re leading the marketing decisions for a CPG enterprise. Your company has expanded into different verticals spread across a plethora of products like chips, wafers, aerated beverages, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.

While your brand name might be enough to tie all these products together, all your products must have a website of their own to ease usage and tracking. Is this an easy task for an enterprise spread across so many verticals and handling a variety of products? The answer is a clear resounding no!

As minimal as it seems, this lack of consistency across your brand websites can result in you losing thousands of dollars. It can result in heavy downtime of your websites and a lack of personalization for local markets across multiple geolocations. A huge enterprise spread across so many verticals surely cannot afford to have high downtime and have customers deflect to their competitor brands. Not just that, with high downtime, comes depreciating brand name.

Pain Points that Large Enterprises Need to Eliminate

A large enterprise managing over 50+ brands would be managing at least the same number of websites. Further, if the brands are across countries, being spread out in different geographical regions just makes this website management all the more difficult on the enterprise level.

Not just this, every product that you launch or a brand that you acquire would require your development team toto build and integrate websites over and over again. This obviously cannot be possible to keep repeating. Furthermore, you would also need a way to manage the shared services model of operations, effectively.

With each of your products coming with different, independent product roadmaps, a one-step management solution is everything that can make your life easier.

bingo website under ITC

Fig. Bingo’s Website Under ITC

indian fruit

Fig. ITC Website

As a growing enterprise, you’ll need the flexibility to add more brands to your centralized network. With you acquiring brands and coming up with new products, different websites must be created, all of them linked to one major governance system. For this, you would also need the ability to migrate web properties to a centralized platform with improved maintenance and reduced costs. For you to support your business spread across a variety of geolocations, you would also need a centralized delivery model system.

Leveraging the Power of Tech to Enable Enterprises

Technology in this place plays an essential role in the development of these companies. Per research by Voicebot that found that 20% of U.S. adults use voice search in some part of their buying journey. To compete with developments like this, enabling a simple feature such as voice search capabilities on your websites becomes a must. However, for a large enterprise managing over fifty websites daily, implementing such features can become a challenging task.

classmate notebok

Fig. Example of chatbot on Classmate’s Website for ITC’s brand

This could be the case where you would want to selectively add some features to particular types of websites and not to the rest. Wouldn’t this be much easier if this worked like a multi-pin extension where you could operate each pin independently? This is essentially what multi-tenancy at a large enterprise level would mean – the capability of a DXP to integrate multiple other channels for smoother functioning, independent and at the same time, integrated with each other.

multi tenancy architecture

Fig. Multi-tenancy as compared to a house

This is almost like building a house – start with a strong foundation and keep adding more and more features like décor, comfort, and other such plugins for effective functioning.

In our industry experience, we have come to terms with the fact that staying at the top of the market requires firms to make a real impact on their audience. As a marketing strategist taking decisions for various brands, implementing small changes on all websites and platforms need to be made feasible. For this, you must turn to a one-stop solution to help you govern everything from the top while giving you both the micro and the macro view of the picture.

You need such a solution to predict the changing demands of your actively growing customer base and personalizing assets per the brand’s requirements. While your soap company can have a blog talking about skincare tips, your shampoo firm can have a website with a blog talking about hair fall tips. For this, watching from a single place is vital.

To know more about how we help enterprises enable their businesses with this one-stop solution, join us at Sitecore Symposium 2021. Here, we take you on a journey from start to finish through the process of setting up a multi-tenant capability at scale, using OneWeb – our signature solution for DXPs. The best part about it: what used to be the promise-land is now a reality, and it's easier than you think. Come join us.

Varun Nehra SVP of Digital Solutions, Altudo

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