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Modern Stack Website for SaaS Companies

Modern stack website for SAAS companies

It is irrefutable that the Software as a service (or SaaS) is growing rapidly. In fact, a huge part of organisations responded that at least 80% of their apps will be SaaS by the end of the year 2020.

So now the question is, what a SaaS company is, what it sells, what are the services SaaS Company provide, and most importantly, to understand what is its business model. After this, we will discuss about Modern Stack websites, how modern stack website works and will see how it is beneficial for SaaS companies.

We are SaaS Companies

SaaS companies use software to provide customers with a service. These businesses create, develop, host, and update the product from a central location. SaaS business have unrestricted and immediate access to global market and can grow without any product delivery cost.

SaaS Products

SaaS Products are hosted by a central provider and offered to customers through internet. Rather than having to install or download a copy of the application.

Some major market players

Some of the strongest SaaS companies like Google, HubSpot, Adobe, Slack, Shopify, Atlassian and many more. These are the market players in SaaS based companies that provide different products and services to the users as B2B and also B2C. As we discussed, most of the organisation are moving towards SaaS companies, lots of challenges are also arises with them, such as Ominichannel users and customisation for different users groups.

Challenges of SaaS companies

Most of the SaaS companies are facing common challenges like customised requirements from different user groups, and a lot of channel to target large audience in the market. In today’s modern world, we have a huge list of devices that different market persons use, to capture the large market area we need to work on several other devices and content management is a bigger challenge while managing multiple channel. Another challenge is the different customer and their customised needs. Every customer has a set of challenges that may not be solved with a specific suit of tools, so here is the need of stack based tools rather than the suit based comes.

Modern Stack websites

Talking about the features of best websites, they are engaging, offer personalised digital experience, are reusable and flexible. Reusable, structured content that is integrated across your technology stack enables cross-functional product teams to ship updates faster and deliver new websites and pages across channels, devices, geographies, business lines and platform.

Modern stack websites work like a combination with other software solutions to give you a much flexible solution to a big problem.

SaaS products generally represent the building block of a large part of today’s B2B and B2C technologies. Ability to understand the impact of the new consumer-facing technologies it is important than ever. This brings a lot of new challenges also for people who are not involved directly in software. Further we will see how Modern Stack (Marketing/Support/Sales) is beneficial for SaaS along with their journeys from day-0. How they need to adjust their product/marketing strategies based on new technologies. How they can measure the impact of those technologies on customers’ experiences.

Modern stack websites for SaaS companies

As we already discussed about the stack based website, we will see how modern stack websites is more beneficial for SaaS companies.

Modern stack is a combination of various products to solve any business requirement, SaaS Companies have different customer group with different customised requirement. To solve that kind of requirement, we need some specific tools that fit best of organisations. Stack based websites are much flexible and have plug and play features that provide customised solution for customised problem. For example, a company that has some specific requirements like marketing tools that shows them all graph and charts and notify organisations when graph reaches lower than the benchmark, and the specific search that solves some specific scenario of the organisation.

But when we talk about the Suit based solution that is not compatible, provides marketing tools and search capabilities, are not compatible, then the solution is not of any use to for the customer, here comes the concept of modern stack that is a much light weight and flexible solution for customer that solves their problem easily, at any time that feature can be plugged/unplugged from the stack without any failure of the website.

1:1 Marketing Guide

That approach can give SaaS companies much flexibility to serve the large set of customers. We can combine several technologies with each other to solve customer problem, let us take another example of the customer base that needs an online selling portal quickly. On the other side, they need promotional tools like several landing pages, videos pages and marketing tools to capture the market base, they have several different devices that they need to target, different regions and different content for that regions, one solution is to suggest some CMS that can solve their large set of problems. But the issue here is that we can solve their large set of problem but not all of them, and also with that CMS they are paying for other tools also which they doesn’t actually need. Let’s create a Stack to solve their problems quickly, for ecommerce we have several quick building tools like shopify that is a specific tool to solve their ecommerce problem where they can keep and showcase their products. Secondly, they have several assets like videos blog and descriptions they need to target multiple devices and regions, for that we can choose contentful that have capabilities to target a large set of devices with content any business create. We can combine any specific search that fulfil business requirement all together are such light weight and easy plug and play technologies that can be offered to customer at any stage of development.

So we have seen that modern stack approach is a perfect solution for the modern problems what SaaS companies generally face. We can have a lots of different combinations to different set of problem that can help SaaS companies to capture the larger area of market.

Rahul Yadav Team Lead at Altudo

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