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I have heard of many reasons which forced companies to make the switch from their current marketing automation tool to a new and better one. With the increasing demand for marketing automation tools in the market, people are being really particular about them. And there is a spectrum of reasons given by the companies to change their current Marketing Automation vendors.

The marketing automation platform continues to grow and advance new and exciting capabilities which provide companies with valuable reasons to change their vendors.

We have a few points here that you might want to consider which will help you to make a decision regarding your current solution or give you the reason to make the switch into the future.


Marketing cloud is a new term coined by big companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle and Adobe to build out their Cloud capabilities which not only helps in switching to a better solution but also helps you to maintain a marketing cloud technology stack. What is Marketing Cloud? Marketing Cloud gives you the capabilities to market your customer throughout their journeys-across platforms.


Sometimes the automation tools are really complex to use due to which the companies are incapable of using them aptly. In such cases, an untangled and focused solution is more desirable as it not only allows greater agility but also provides a faster time to market. Some of the marketing automation tools are too complex and too difficult to use. So the tool is of no use if you are not getting the full utilization of it so either you could look at what you can do to better utilize it, consider its downgrade or looks for a tool with better user experience.


With the intensive development of marketing automation tools, there continues to be an extension of the features that are available in the market. While talking to your platform rep make sure to thoroughly understand the road map and then decide that the features they are planning will meet your future demands or not. If not, then it may be the time to ditch that tool and start looking for a tool that will help you in the long run. To check the tool start with checking out the plans around segmentation, CRM integration, mobile, text capabilities, etc.


With the market flooded with hundreds of options of platforms, you don't have to cope up with bad customer experience tools or platforms that don't fulfil their purpose. All you need to do is look around for better options and demand better service.

A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Automation Platform Migration


Marketing automation costs also add up. So while looking for platforms look for those options that provide you with the best services and also meet your demand at the lowest possible price.

Switch to platforms that provide you with the best deals and maintain your budget.

Migrating to a new marketing automation vendor is not an easy task. Before migrating do complete research about the new company, have a word with your stakeholders and build a business case. Migrating is a tough task but you need not remain handcuffed with your current system if it is not serving its purpose. Short term pain can be overweighed by the long term benefits of a new platform.

At Altudo, we help clients At Altudo (formerly eDynamic), we help clients deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization to grow revenue streams. Altudo drives revenue through personalized customer experiences. Our Revenue Engine Methodology brings together deep Martech Expertise, CX & Demand Gen Strategy, Engagement Analytics & Cross Channel Orchestration- to drive Award Winning experience.

Amit Thapliyal VP - Marketing, Altudo | MVP - Strategy, Sitecore

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