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Reasons For Migrating From Your Current Marketing Automation Platform

As per the stats available on internet, nearly 51% of companies worldwide are using marketing automation while 58% are planning to adopt the technology soon. There are multiple reasons which force companies to switch their current marketing automation tool to a new and better one. With the increasing demand for marketing automation tools in the market, organizations are continuously updating their softwares to stay relevant and generate ROI from the implementation of these tools.

While the main aim of having a marketing automation software is to provide a unified communication platform, it also enables the marketing teams to track and understand the marketing journey to provide relevant customer experience.

Below are some factors that your team might consider regarding your current marketing automation solution or give you the reason to switch to a new, better tool.

1. Cloud Marketing-Cross Channel Marketing

Marketing cloud is a new term coined by big companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle and Adobe to build out their Cloud capabilities, which not only helps in switching to a better solution but also to maintain a marketing cloud technology stack. What is Marketing Cloud? Marketing Cloud gives you the capabilities to market your customer throughout their journeys-across platforms.

2. Look For A Simplified And Focused Platform

Sometimes the automation tools are really complex to use due to which the companies are incapable of using them aptly. In such cases, an untangled and focused solution is more desirable as it not only allows greater agility but also provides a faster time to market. Some of the marketing automation tools are too complex and too difficult to use. So the tool is of no use if you are not getting the full utilization of it so either you could look at what you can do to better utilize it, consider its downgrade or looks for a tool with better user experience.

3. Look For New Features

With the intensive development of marketing automation tools, there continues to be an extension of the features that are available in the market. With time, the demand for very business changes, which calls for either a change in the technology or an upgrade. So, once the vision of your organization is ready, and you need to be future-proof, the marketing teams need to incorporate newer and more advanced technology to support those future needs.

4. Poor Service

With the market flooded with hundreds of options of platforms, you don't have to cope up with bad customer experience tools or platforms that don't fulfil their purpose. All you need to do is look around for better options and demand better service. If you’re opting for a different platform, do a thorough research of all the features and limitations and check if they align with your business requirements.

A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Automation Platform Migration

5. Cost Factor  

Marketing automation platforms come with a cost and if they are not optimized as per the business requirements, they cannot realize ROI. When your team decides to incorporate a new automation tool, you must consider your marketing budget, along with the requirements to meet your business goals.

Migrating is a tough task but you need not remain handcuffed with your current system if it is not serving its purpose. Short term pain can be overweighed by the long term benefits of a new platform.

At Altudo, we help clients At Altudo (formerly eDynamic), we help clients deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization to grow revenue streams. Altudo drives revenue through personalized customer experiences. Our Revenue Engine Methodology brings together deep Martech Expertise, CX & Demand Gen Strategy, Engagement Analytics & Cross Channel Orchestration- to drive Award Winning experience.

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