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Marketers' Guide to Personalization at Scale

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We live in an Omnichannel world where customers expect to engage with a brand, via the channel of their choice in real-time, and with relevant experiences. 

They expect brands to know them, remember them, their preferences and treat them with personalized experiences at each stage of their journey with the brand. What's also true is that we are in the experience economy, where customer experience plays the differentiator in a crowded marketplace where customers are bombarded with brand messaging 24 by 7. 

Marketing Personalized at Scale, is our 5 part blog series which defines what personalization at scale means, what are the challenges marketers face on their path to personalization & our recommendations on how to do it right.

Seamless customer experience in its truest form happens when it’s delivered to customers on their terms - the way they appreciate it, at the moment of their choice, and when they are in control of the way they interact with your brand. So, how do we enable this and make it better time after time? 

Enter Personalization

Personalization approaches customer engagement with a focus on tailored, contextual, and meaningful content & communication. Behind the scene, it allows a brand to leverage customer (profile) data to orchestrate these relevant experiences.

Marketers are not just embracing personalization, they are getting better at it by the day.

Today, personalizing a subject line of a promotional email with the recipient’s name or a coupon that celebrates their one - year history with your brand is not enough. Successful marketers know who their customers are, what they need & are now iteratively creating and updating customer profiles, based on each interaction with the brand, across multiple channels, in real-time and across customer segments - that is being able to personalize at scale.

Picture Personalization as an engine - consisting of several moving parts and levers ( data, channels, and your martech & CX tools) that need to work in unison, connected, feeding relevant information in real-time and most importantly solve a single purpose - to be able to view each customer uniquely as a single version of the truth across channels and be able to market to an audience of one.

How Marketers are Achieving it: 

Robust marketing technologies - engagement analytics and CX stacks are empowering marketers with the ability to create and iterate ‘human’ experiences. These human experiences are centered on the customer and are enabled by a brand’s knowledge of its customers, their preferences, buying behavior, history of their interaction made via various channels. 

These experiences put ‘you’ at the center - by deciphering who ‘you’ are, what are your preferences, history with the brand and channels of choice.

The role of a marketer has evolved into a brand storyteller; the one who creates moments of truth— across channels and buying stages, while converting these experiences into interactions or purchases - with a focus on ROI and customer loyalty.

But are marketers able to achieve results?

According to a survey conducted by SoDA and Sitecore on the current state of personalization – 59% of the respondents reported themselves as experts in delivering personalization. Another 15% of the respondents confirm that they are executing advanced personalization programs and are prepared to optimize it through regular investments and improvisations. 

So what stops others from succeeding?

In our next blog, Marketing Personalized at Scale: Challenges we will look at the barriers to personalization & what factors impede the marketers’ approach towards personalization success.

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