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Marketing Automation: Business solution for financial services

Marketing Automation is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline. The use of marketing automation increases efficiency and reduces human error as the specific criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes are interpreted, stored and executed by the software.

Map tools not only increase customer acquisition but they also provide customers with real-time experiences. This, in turn, results in customer loyalty and amplified customer satisfaction which assures customer retention.

Marketing automation can help financial services ways in innumerable ways to market their business and solve their problems. Seven of them are stated below.


Segmentation appears to be a unnerve term but it is an effective strategy as it helps in categorizing the potential customers into different groups based on a similar trait or specific. It also helps in the marketing of new offers within no time. This helps in improving the ROI and overall campaign performance.


Marketing automation helps in creating certain specific triggers that help in streamlining your campaign. These behavioural triggers include specific automated responses to certain behavioural activities. These triggers are highly helpful as they provide the right message to the right person at the right time. The variables of a single campaign could increase exponentially by facilitating marketing to specific platforms across the customer journey.


An automated nurture program helps you to be a part of your customer’s lifecycle. By this, you can offer communication to the customers by knowing their current positions. Feedback is an integral part of the communication and marketing automation helps you receive feedback from your customers. It also promotes digital communication which includes elements like “post-advisory services”.

Here is a list of some nurture activities which are effective in different financial service lifecycles

  • Direct access and communication which provides transparency to clients.
  • Provides clients with risk management tools and automated portfolio alerts.
  • Automate client packages to update them to quarterly and yearly marketing.
  • Sort updates according to relevance.
  • Automate the events by targeting the client with highly relevant information.


Firms and their agents/advisors both can effectively make use of analytics. In this process Marketing automation made sure that the required data should be generated, interpreted and communicated to the customer.


Marketing automation analytics can scoop-out behavioral, demographic and other information to build predictive models that provide customized investments to targeted segments and other intermediary roles.

This will help the company to improve its decision making regarding what they offer the client and how they allow them to establish new business and other facilities. Adjustment of campaigns based on MAP analytics allows marketers to get the highest rate of return.

Analytic tools help in the identification of potential red flags for defection. If a client showcases that indicates low NPS then sales enablement tools can help take immediate action from the concerned representative to tackle the problem.


Marketing automation analytic highlights the trends that will help the agent/advisor to take the right decisions. By analyzing the information about clients, agents get the key idea which attracts the people to make their investment decisions.

A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Automation Platform Migration


It’s the perfect platform to use A/B testing. At the same time, you can test numerous offers and other things. It provides the following benefits as well-

  • Quick responses
  • Quick adjustment of offers and messages
  • Increased response rate due to 1:1 communication
  • Boosts ROMI


In the digital era, it's really hard to ignore social media. Integrating social media channels is really important as this helps people to clear their doubts in no time and will also facilitate the prompt sharing of the client's experience. At a social media platform, people want to check the prices, compare various products, look for its pros and cons and then buy the product, all of it in no real time. Therefore, if you are planning to deal with this generation, you have to be equipped with the integration of your social media platforms.


Marketing automation provides us with a platform to provide 1:1 personalization to your clients that in turn allows you to reach a wider audience with numerous products and services at a time.

There are ways through which you can give a personalised touch to your clients.

  1. Develop personalised content to your client based on his tastes and preferences.
  2. Make use of client’s personalised data to offer him cross-content opportunities.
  3. Help them in sending personalised e-mails to their clients on behalf of the wealth manager.

These are some ways by which one can use a powerful tool like - Marketing Automation. Financial services can harvest the benefits of using these tools. Some of the significant benefits of using these tools are - increased ROMI, improvement in NPS and customer experience and the ability to implement more - systematically and productively.

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