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4 Ways to Improve Lead Conversion by Using Personalization in Marketing

Companies today face challenges converting prospects into high-quality customers and end up investing a large amount of time and resources into the endeavor. In fact, a lot of prospects who visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter are never going to convert into a sure-shot sale!

“63% of leads who inquire about your business won’t convert for at least 3 months”
Source: Marketing Donut

How can companies ensure that customers enquiring about their business convert faster? Eliminating internal silos and improving collaboration between the sales and marketing departments is a good place for companies to start. A survey conducted by Marketing Charts showed that 25% of respondents believe that lack of alignment between the marketing and sales teams can reduce the chances of a lead closing. While marketing the right content to the right audience is essential to expand the customer base, keeping track of clear attribution of success/failure as leads move to the sales departments is critical to chalk out further steps.

However, all these “best” marketing practices might still not be enough to convert prospects in today's technology-driven world. This is where personalization becomes critical. Personalized user experiences are important for companies to create a lasting impact. Per a report by Econsultancy -

  • 93% of companies found that personalizing search engine marketing boosted their conversion rate
  • The same held true for 94% of companies that personalized their websites
  • 92% of companies also saw an increase in conversion rates after personalizing their emails.

Top Ways to Personalize Marketing

While personalizing marketing campaigns is boosting profits for companies, implementing it can be a difficult task. As per the Econsultancy study, 39% of companies found it extremely challenging to nail the personalization strategy. For companies to ace this change, their main focus must be on the customer. Companies must view personalization as delivering optimal personal experiences instead of just thinking of this as a sales technique. Focusing on your customer’s tiniest of needs is extremely essential.

Here are some ways to personalize your marketing to improve your company’s lead conversion rates -

Deliver Dynamic Content Based on Visiting Time

An effective way of marketing personalized content to your customer is by displaying dynamic content based on time. This would mean much more than just displaying a sunset background at the time of dusk. It actually entails adding more features to make your content more relevant and actionable.

Your primary focus here should be that the customer visiting your website should view personalized content as per the events or offers being promoted. Let's say that your company is running a webinar and an unknowing prospect decides to visit your website towards the end of it. Displaying a message directing them to join last minute with attractive discounts can get the customer hooked.

Regardless of the industry, personalizing the customer’s experience when he or she interacts with your business can create a lasting impact in the customer’s mind.

Personalize Content Based on Device

Most companies today already have a content management strategy in place for displaying different content on different types of devices. Let’s say, for example, a large OTT platform like Netflix would display shorter content on your phone instead of your laptop. The simple logic behind this is that a viewer might pick watching an episode of a series or a short film on his mobile phone and choose to watch a longer movie on the laptop.

While this is just a basic thought behind content personalization based on device; this customized display of content options might not always generate high-quality leads. Companies must also pair it with personalizing the customer’s interaction with their content.

While there are dozens of ways to personalize customer interactions based on device, an obvious one is callout text. Let’s say a potential customer visits your website using a mobile phone. A good way to convert them into a lead would be by adding a click-to-call button to ease the calling process. Research suggests that 61% of mobile searchers prefer a click-to-call button while purchasing a product. This button can connect the customer to your sales team, who can then convert these leads to loyal customers!

Personalize Dynamic Ads

One of the biggest challenges that companies face in personalizing marketing is creating dynamic ads for each customer. Marketing teams must focus on generating personalized dynamic ads that can create an impact on the customer’s mind.

For instance, did you know that 70% of shopping carts go abandoned? This might simply be happening because extra costs such as shipping or taxes shown only at the end are too high. Other ways companies might be losing customers as a result of unresponsive websites are long registration procedures, and even complicated/insecure payment options.

A personalized dynamic ad is a technique marketing teams can use here to woo back their lost customers. A subtle nudge from your end could finally make them go through the purchase. The biggest benefit of personalizing dynamic ads as per the customer’s needs is that you’re pushing them to buy a product that they’ve previously shown interest in. Adding an offer or discount to the product can even lead to higher conversion rates. This can effectively be done by tracking the customer’s behavior on your website, identify the products that were abandoned, and then displaying a dynamic personalized ad to remind the customer about the purchase.

Personalize Marketing Based on Number of Customer’s Visits

Companies today have opted to personalize the content displayed based on the number of times the customer visits the website.

For instance, a 50% discount on the first purchase would appeal to the first-time visitor while displaying dynamic personalized ads based on the previous purchases might appeal to an older customer. Deriving insights from previous customer behavior can help companies leverage the benefits and promote more relevant content.

An excellent way to personalize customer experience can be by displaying pop-up notifications about discounts to new customers and new prices to the older ones. Including a video to help them acquaint themselves with your product and company can also help increase the lead conversion rates. Adding personalized CTAs can also help companies smoothen this process. Per a report by HubSpot, CTAs with customized content perform 212% better than generic ones.

Personalize Marketing with Salesforce

Automate your marketing capabilities by leveraging the power of Salesforce to engage more customers and personalize their experiences. The Mobile Studio module helps you build and send highly targeted mobile messages with ease and drive engagement with highly personalized messaging based on customer preferences. Track and analyze user behavior to automate mobile marketing so that you never miss another opportunity.

Figure 1. Create Custom Messages with Mobile Studio

Salesforce also offers you an Email Studio module that helps companies automate email campaigns as per buyer persona, and pick out the right target audience intelligently to display relevant, personalized content for a better experience. This module also helps build your best emails and reach customers on any device with a responsive design.

Figure 2. Personalize Emails with Email Studio

Using a smart tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help companies save money while increasing collaboration between different departments. It can help companies manage content better with exclusive features like Email Studio and Mobile Studio to customize content as per the customer’s needs.

Leverage the Benefits of Personalized Marketing

Companies today must understand the importance of streamlining processes for marketing and sales departments to boost conversion rates. With personalized marketing, companies can offer customized, personal experiences to customers for improved customer relationships. Deriving data-driven insights from analyzing customer behavior can help promote products to an intelligently targeted audience while staying at the top of the competition.

If you wish to learn more about the personalization and marketing technology, write to us at We will connect you to our Salesforce-certified experts who can answer all your personalization questions and guide you towards transforming your business for today’s global audience.

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