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How Acquia Cloud Helps You Use Customer Journey Analysis to Drive Conversions

A customer's journey begins when they become aware of their need for a product or service and ends when they decide to purchase a product from you.

Some customer journeys are relatively brief: they search for a product they wish to buy, locate your website, and purchase it. Other journeys may be quite long and complex, comprising numerous brand-customer encounters while the customer learns about and builds trust in your brand before making a purchasing decision.

A customer journey map is developed when you sketch out all of the possible paths a customer can follow from brand discovery to purchasing. This map can assist you in making more informed decisions about when and how to market to each consumer at each point of their journey. It also helps figure out what content would be the most relevant and effective for the customer, in what stage of the journey.

In today’s digital buying landscape, businesses of all sizes have to come up with new, inventive ways to keep buyers engaged until they reach the stage when they are ready to make a purchase. This is the space on which new forms of marketing content is gaining center stage. Keeping your customer journey map template in mind as you prepare your content marketing will help you grab clients faster and keep them from slipping off the map completely without ever making a purchase.

Customer Journey in an Omnichannel World

Managing the omnichannel customer journey may be the single most difficult task for brands and their . Marketers must be able to deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, to each and every buyer’s needs throughout their journey – automatically sensing the next step of their journey, inferring the best action based on live context, and having a truly unified view of your customer needs.

Whilst the concept is simple, putting it into action is anything from simple. The introduction of digital marketing technology appeared to hold a lot of promise for mastering the omnichannel customer journey, but walled customer behavior data and omnichannel marketing channels have made it nearly impossible.

content marketing journey

Marketers are getting closer than ever to the objective of offering relevant, tailored content and offers at any moment in an omnichannel consumer journey, engaging individuals with compelling and seamless experiences, thanks to the fast increase of digital marketing tools and omnichannel marketing technology.

This objective, however, has been hampered by disparate marketing technology and customer behavior data sources that make it impossible to obtain a 360° perspective of customers and coordinate the next-best activities across all channels.

To overcome these obstacles, organizations and their omnichannel marketing teams spend a significant amount of effort whiteboarding ideal multichannel customer journeys and incorporating business logic into current but disjointed touchpoints and technology. As a result, more fragmented environments exist, with complicated business rules restricted to a single channel.

Acquia marketing cloud: Orchestrating the omnichannel customer journey

To deliver the seamless, connected, and relevant content marketing required for today’s customer journeys, Acquia provides a solution in the shape of a sophisticated cloud marketing channel. This breaks down divisions by linking multiple marketing channels, integrating consumer behavior data, and orchestrating every stage of the omnichannel customer journey by simultaneously planning, adapting to, and triggering customer experiences in real-time.

Acquia Marketing Cloud enables marketers to better listen to and learn from consumers, allowing them to create an omnichannel sequence of personalized touchpoints that tailors the customer journey for each individual.

Acquia Marketing Cloud helps marketers design ideal customer journeys through conversion and beyond, as well as integrate the numerous marketing technologies that support each component of an omnichannel customer experience. Acquia Marketing Cloud produces a consolidated profile that gives actionable real-time knowledge, including who your customers are, what they want, and how brands can best address their requirements, by combining all sources of customer, context, business, customer behavior data, and more within the enterprise stack.

Acquia Marketing Cloud connects everything to orchestrate communications at any point during the customer lifecycle, regardless of where an individual is in their omnichannel customer journey – whether they're using social media, an app, browsing the web, on a connected device, or shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.

Acquia Marketing Cloud provides:

  • A built-in customer journey mapping tool with drag-and-drop capabilities that allow marketers to create maps of all the phases in an omnichannel customer journey mapping where consumers connect with a brand.
  • Real-time optimization based on artificial intelligence and a decision engine that detects what consumers are doing in real-time and triggers the best next action on every channel using digital customization tools.
  • Customer data profiles that integrate data from numerous sources to create a 360° picture of prospects and customers that may be used to make decisions.
  • Integration of Martech with ad tech, using pre-built connections to link different technologies that serve a range of touchpoints and channels, allowing them to function smoothly together to offer connected experiences at every step.
  • Profiling and precise analytics allow marketers to optimize campaigns by analyzing activity and activities to determine what works and what doesn't.
  • Customer service that assists in the development of plans for a stronger omnichannel customer journey mapping.

content marketing journey

Journey Builder: Acquia

With Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Know what your client’s next steps are before they take them: Throughout their omnichannel customer journey, use the drag-and-drop customer journey mapping tool and experience orchestration engine to reach out to targeted audiences at the appropriate time and on the right channel.
  • Make every client encounter count: Real-time processing of events, webinars, words, phrases, and other data sources to begin and lead journeys at scale. Marketers can design journey logic once and utilize it across channels and touchpoints thanks to centralized decision logic.
  • Automate the optimal next steps: Marketers may use a smart orchestration center to create logic and rules that process real-time activities on any channel to more effectively drive engagement, conversion, and user persona on real-time information.
  • In a rapidly evolving ecosystem, future-proof omnichannel marketing: Connect existing databases' systems and touchpoints with whatever database, system, and/or channel comes next. Logic and profiles are kept centrally, making it easier to add or upgrade new technologies at any time.

Key takeaway: Working in silos is archaic. Your teams must collaborate closely in order to achieve a single goal: customer feedback and client happiness. A cohesive team outperforms a dispersed one. Find ways to showcase your brand's beliefs and DNA while also demonstrating that you are customer-centric in your approach.

Benefits of orchestrating an omnichannel customer journey mapping

When companies and their omnichannel marketing teams can give the correct content and offers to consumers at any time and on every channel in their journey, they meet their wants and desires while encouraging them to make a purchase. Brands can enhance conversions, optimize procedures, and generate happier customers by efficiently managing the omnichannel customer journey.

With Acquia Campaign Studio, you can provide a seamless customer experience that is simple to build and maintain. Acquia visual journey builder tool makes it simple to view each stage in a procedure. You may construct basic transactional campaigns or complicated journeys by using the built-in if/then logic.

When you manage your segments inside the platform, you may pick when certain audiences are engaged in a multi-step campaign. The dynamic content functionality allows for personalization at the individual contact level.

After you've created your client journey, you may create emails at each stage of the procedure. The email builder in Acquia Campaign Studio is a user-friendly tool that allows you to modify HTML directly or use a WYSIWYG an acronym for What You See Is What You Get editor.

Example of companies that uses content to deliver customer journey mapping and drive conversions:

  1. HubSpot
  2. hubspot marketing agency

    HubSpot creates new information and modifies existing content to respond to the ever-changing reality of its industry. They repurpose their material by converting it into helpful all-in-one instructions that can be downloaded. They do so because they recognize that their target audience is solely interested in making well-informed selections.

  3. Fedex
  4. fedex express

    FedEx is the second most trusted B2B corporation in the United States. Through their service, they take satisfaction in connecting individuals and opportunities. They prioritized relevance over frequency, resulting in increased consumer satisfaction. FedEx teams also collaborate closely with all external partners, keeping them informed and resolving issues as they arise.

    All of this entails providing the relevant content to the right people, at the right time, depending on where in the journey they are. This becomes even more complicated in the delight stages of the customer journey, since the content needs to be a lot more personalized and relevant to the customer’s behavior.

  5. Amazon
  6. amazon marketing

    It's time to call in the major guns. Amazon is widely regarded as one of the most customer-focused corporations in history. It began as an online bookshop, to improve organizations to the discovery process by providing a personalized experience.

    Amazon is unquestionably a trend-setter, not a follower. It pioneered functionalities such as “recommended products” on product pages, to highlight other similar products. Further, it heavily leverages retargeting across the internet, to push relevant products to users browsing the internet. When people were afraid that books would become obsolete, Amazon created the Kindle to provide a personalized digital experience to users. Today kindle is recognized for assisting the digital book format's explosion in popularity.

The bottom line is that you require a platform that can assist you in being strategic in creating, developing, and posting content throughout your journey. Altudo is a full-service content process management software for teams that helps you optimize processes, generate better content, and increase client engagement.

Request detailed information now to learn more about how we can assist you with your content marketing strategy, omnichannel marketing approach, and improved customer experience and procedures.

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